Homily of the Day

Christ’s conversation with Nicodemus is a discourse on baptism, which means, to be born from above. One who is born from above allows the Spirit to lead his life; everything he does is based solely on the will of God. Even if we are all baptized, most of us cannot say that we are born from above because usually, we would rather do our own will, anything that makes us happy, fills us, and gratifies us.  We are all basically egoistic. This is why we truly need to be born of the Spirit. How are we born of the Spirit? By believing that the Son of Man was lifted up, we become people born of the Spirit, which is not a simple matter. Jesus was lifted up when he died on the cross and also when he was resurrected. To believe in this truth is to acknowledge Christ as the Lord. However, often, we raise up other gods in our lives like ourselves, money, success, affection, etc. We worship these idols instead of Christ, preferring our projects in life. This gospel is an invitation for us to allow Jesus Christ to overthrow the devil in our lives who keeps us slave of our concupiscence, of our egoism, and truly believe only in Him as our Lord.