Homily of the Day

The gospel narrative presents an interesting person Nicodemus, a learned man. He visited Jesus by night when Jesus could give him full attention. Or perhaps, he visited him at night because he avoided inquisitive people seeing him go to Jesus and listening to their conversation. There were no appointments made at that time so full attention was given by the one visited to his visitor. As a learned man Nicodemus believed and affirmed that Jesus is from God to teach the people about God. These nightly visits were very helpful to Nicodemus. Jesus’ availability gave Nicodemus a chance to learn things he did not understand. Jesus spoke to him about being born from above, from the Holy Spirit and water.

This conversation teaches us about our sacramental baptism. We were baptized as babies and we are told of its importance in catechism but oftentimes the importance is easily forgotten. We need to renew our baptismal vows as adults in confirmation by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus uses the wind which we hear and feel, but we do not know where it comes from and where it is going. We know about God but are we always conscious of him? Our faith is such that we take many things for granted or even pretend we know or do not know it according to our convenience.

How can our baptism and confirmation help us live as daughters and sons of God?