Homily of the Day

How often have felt that we’ve done the “right thing” but suffered for
our decisions? When this happened, how did we express our
disappointment and feelings during our prayers and conversations with
God? During those moments, were we facing a tough no-win situation or
were we trying to change these situations into a positive one?

In the first reading today, Jeremiah was facing one of those times. He
heard rumors directed against him and knew that certain people around
him were waiting for him to make mistakes and fail. Even through all
his trials, he continued to keep his trust in the Lord.

During Jesus’ ministry, many people made efforts to stop and discourage
him. Doubts were created by these people, to deter others from
listening to his teachings and following him. But even with all their
efforts, Jesus persisted by continuing to preach and perform miracles.

How do we then, in our daily lives, learn to trust or deepen our trust
in the Lord, to guide and help us in our decisions even through