Homily of the Day

Considering human nature, Jesus as a teacher did not pronounce any condemnation against the sinner. Being apprehended is already very shameful for the woman.  At that time there were no feminine groups to help a condemned woman. If we consider adultery here, it is not only the woman who was at fault but both man and woman. Does it mean that man can play with women without being charged with adultery and left unpunished?

When God created man in his own image and likeness, it appears that it was only man that was given importance for the woman came later. We understand how Holy Scripture written by man is very inadequate. Now we have a better grasp of God’s love. The mission of God the Son to make us know, love and serve God is very well manifested in this action of Christ.  Respect for people as image of God is very clear in this episode.  This season of Lent gives us a chance to reflect on God’s care for all of us.

In our world today, it seems only the strong, the powerful, and the wise lord over nature. Do we blame others and excuse ourselves? So here Jesus gives us the example. He who is blameless can blame others.  But is there any among us who is blameless? Would we not rather pray for one another and help one another in our not-so-easy journey to God’s kingdom?