Homily of the Day

Our word today says that the very works of Jesus bear witness that the Father has sent him. Therefore, those of us who bear witness to him are also sent by the Father. “As I have told you, no one can come to me unless it is granted by the Father.” (Jn.6:65). As Christians we carry Jesus’ name and proclaim our belief in what he has taught because the source of what he proclaimed is from God. 
Have we been a true witness to Jesus? Every day we have opportunities to share Jesus to others – simple living, committed to loving others, forgiving others for the hurts they have inflicted on us, admitting to the wrong we have done to a brethren, treating our neighbor with kindness and generosity. These are but a few acts that give witness to our belief in Jesus. These weigh more than all the eloquent words we say, because it is in living the word that we become witnesses to him. Are we ready to take on committing ourselves to Jesus’ mission today? The Lord has given us a choice and he is waiting for our decision.