Homily of the Day

Jesus is the “YES” of the Father as we see in the Gospel of today. Regardless of the condition, even if he says that we do not believe in him unless we see signs and wonders, as soon as we ask him, he gives us what we ask for. His promise to us is that the Father will give us whatever we ask Him in the name of Jesus. No conditions asked. He will grant it!  Do we believe? Do you believe in Jesus?

“Your son will live.” Jesus tells the court official. Rich or poor, Jesus cannot refuse when we ask him. His nature is always to give life. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. So, if he says, “go,” let us go. Answered prayers. Jesus gives us a very simple formula to have answered prayers: BELIEVE IN JESUS.

Jesus challenges us to” BELIEVE IN HIM” even without signs and wonders, even before our answered prayers.