Homily of the Day

For today’s gospel, we are given the option of choosing from the gospel of Matthew or Luke. For this reflection, let us use Luke’s narration of the “Finding at the Temple.” Immediately we notice that Joseph is not even mentioned by name. Even the few lines of spoken words are between Jesus and his mother. Joseph is only inferred by the gospel’s reference to Jesus’ parents. What does the gospel speak to us about St. Joseph and why does the Church choose these verses to honor St. Joseph? We know that Joseph is described by the gospel as a just man. What does “just” mean in the Jewish society of his time? Maybe it would be easier for us if we put ourselves in the shoes of St. Joseph and feel how he must have felt knowing that he is called by God to be the “Father” of the only begotten Son of God. What was he thinking when gazing lovingly at the baby Jesus sleeping peacefully in his arms? What was he thinking when he had to reprimand the naughty boy Jesus to teach him to be careful with tools of his trade which could hurt the boy? What was in his mind and what are his feelings when he discovered that Jesus was not with them in the caravan on the way home? Let us ponder on these questions in our quiet prayer.