Homily of the Day

The first reading tells us clearly that God does not tempt man to do evil actions. It is the devil who does that. When we are able to resist a temptation, our faith and love for God grows stronger. But when we succumb to the temptation, we realize our human frailty and inability to do good all the time. Let us not be discouraged but ask forgiveness from God or the person we have sinned against. If necessary, let us confess our evil deeds to a priest.  Then after sincere repentance, we stand up and go to battle again with the devil who will keep on tempting us to sin. Let our failures to do good make us more humble and prayerful to the Lord who will come to our aid in times of difficulties or temptations.

In the gospel, after Jesus had a discussion with the Pharisees, he tells his disciples to be on guard against their mentality. But the disciples who have forgotten to bring food with them thought he is talking about bread. So Jesus rebukes them saying why they are so concerned about food when they have already seen so many miracles he has performed producing food for them and for the people.

Sometimes we are like the disciples who are overly concerned with material needs and not trust in the Lord’s ability to provide. We have short-term memory when our bellies start to growl.  We are no better than the animals who are always looking for food.  We should laugh at our shallowness because that is what we are at times. Then let us remember that we have a mission as spiritual guides for this generation.