Homily of the Day

In exasperation, Jesus lamented how the Pharisees remained blind to the things Jesus has said and done. It only shows that they look but do not see, listen but do not hear. No matter what kind of sign you give, this kind of faith will never see the truth. This kind of people merely look OUT to God and wait for him to make things happen. They fail to look INTO themselves and see how God has equipped and called them to be His instruments.

The signs of God’s love are all around us and yet what is more visible to us are the counter-signs: war, famine, hunger, hatred, death. Thus, we question God’s presence. We demand that He prove His love to us without seeing that the counter- signs are proof of our own lack of love for God and for others. We want a miracle but fail to see that we ARE the miracles! And, it is through us that God will continue to show His love for the world.

Are you willing to be the miracle for the world?