May we not be swayed

At first glance, it may seem that Jesus managed to give a non-reply to the query of the chief priests. There seems to be some debate as to whether John the Baptist’s authority came from heaven or was merely a human act. The teachers of the law found themselves in a quandary.

They couldn’t agree if John’s mission was divine or if he was just another aspiring messiah. They didn’t know which to believe. That’s why Jesus was not obliged to answer them because they couldn’t come to a final answer for themselves.

Sometimes, it’s more convenient to take the stance of the learned. We fail to see the blessings from above. Or we don’t notice the nobility in serving one another. We’d rather not determine for ourselves which is which.

Choosing a final answer means we have to decide. If what Jesus does for us is sourced from heaven itself, we should journey onwards with more hope and fervour in our hearts. If his actions are just of a human nature, how can we not imitate these examples of caring and concern for others? Yes, we are challenged to stand by our answers.

Let us continue to pray for guidance and direction. May we not be swayed to sit on the fence, rather we must believe in the answers we give. As long as we look towards heaven, our earthly service will have a deeper meaning for all of us concerned.