A Change Forever

Once we encounter Jesus, as Paul did, it changes us forever. We have a
change of heart, a change in the way we see things which in turn
determines our behavior. When we encounter Jesus, we have a conversion
experience. We start seeing life around us with the eyes of God.

The proof that we have encountered Jesus can be seen in the way we
relate with God, with others, with our environment or how we value
ourselves. Paul’s encounter with Jesus changed him from a dedicated
executioner to a dedicated evangelizer.

An encounter with Jesus leads to a relationship with God, a
relationship that matures into steadfast love. Steadfast love is
constant, never-changing and endures through thick or thin. It is this
steadfast love we share with God which leads to eternal life or a life
with the Father. The eternal life referred to in the Gospel means
having an experience of God, having a relationship with Him . Bread
keeps us alive physically but it is Jesus’ flesh and blood that keeps
us alive spiritually and sustains us through our most difficult

When we have an intimate relationship with God, we are able to submit
our will to His so that His desire is our desire, and we able to
fulfill His dream for us. Paul’s intimate relationship with God
motivated him to change the course of his life so he could fulfill
God’s dream for him to be His champion. When was my last encounter
with Jesus? How did it change my life? What gives me life? What is the
quality of my spiritual life?

  • Joe Bocklage

    I think that the revelation to me in this presentation is so inspiring and motivating – “submit our will to His so that His desire is our desire”. Thank You