From Worldly Entrapments

The church leaders in power felt very threatened if their authority was questioned and that was the status quo for quite some time when Jesus was around. The Pharisees had imposed on the congregation that the Sabbath was a day meant to be free from all sorts of labor. Unfortunately, this included performing good deeds.

That was why Jesus pointed out the folly of such an edict. If there was an opportunity to help, why withhold it just because it was not allowed by tradition or because the elders deemed it inappropriate? Making a difference towards a positive outcome should never be limited by any law. Doing good should not be legislated. The act of looking after one another should not be bound to only six days of the week. It should be continually promoted and practiced no matter what day it is.

Because Jesus’ selfless acts could create an upheaval in the hierarchy of the Jewish society, plans were being formulated to stop him from causing that air of rebellion. The Pharisees felt that they were being targeted, so they thought it better to strike first than be caught flat-footed.

Ambition can be quite blinding. Let us pray to be freed from worldly entrapments. True freedom is really expressing God’s love by allowing ourselves to be channels of His peace and protection. Selfish agendas come and go, but compassion is always to be celebrated and cherished. May we always practice doing good in all that we do. The law of love rules over all.

  • LLK

    I wholeheartedly agree with this excellent homily. The only thing I differ with us that Jesus wasn’t a channel of peace in the gospel today. Sometimes when a person does the right thing, it creates conflict and disturbs the peace, but it is still the right thing to do. They killed Jesus because of conflict. Jesus purposely caused a great deal of conflict and was seldom a channel of peace except with believers.

    Thank you for printing this excellent homily today though.