You Shall Not Commit Adultery!

Exodus 20:14
You shall not commit adultery.

It’s not usually spoken of this way, but the Sexual Revolution of the ’60s and ’70s was a tremendous boon for traitors.  Adultery was euphemized with perky, upbeat words like “affair” and “fling.”  It was seldom defined by its real meaning: betrayal.  As Pope John Paul II has pointed out, we speak with our bodies as well as our tongues.  The highest pledge of fidelity and love we can make to another person is the sexual act.  When we make that pledge we speak, with our bodies, a promise of total self-giving to the other.  When we break that pledge by adultery we commit one of the greatest betrayals a human being can commit against another.  Adultery, in short, is no light thing, no “fling,” no “affair.”  It is a stab at the heart of the family, at children, and at all human trust, with repercussions that are felt for generations and which send out waves across all layers of society.  You shall not commit adultery.

Mark Shea


Mark P. Shea is a Catholic author, blogger, and speaker.

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