Wisdom and the Church

In the first reading, Ben Sirach explains how Wisdom educates those who seek her. She tests them with ordeals but in the end will lead them to the straight path. How many of us truly seek wisdom? Most people look for success, fame, fortune and a number of other things but very few seek wisdom. Why? Because to seek wisdom is to take the narrow but straight path. God does not abandon man to himself. Through events, good and bad, man starts to realize that he must seek wisdom. God gives all men a choice and many choose not to have wisdom. But when he gets older, he will realize he has made the wrong choice. But for those who from their youth have been seeking God, the fountain of wisdom, God will reveal Himself to them. God will teach them to be wise. And if they persevere on this path, their lives will be full of good things despite the hardships they may have to bear. They grow wiser and mature in the ways of God and in turn can teach others to be wise.

In the gospel, Jesus wisely tells his disciples not to stop other people from speaking in his name. As long as we have the same purpose, which is to serve God, we must not pick a fight or antagonize other people in the Church just because they belong to another group or have a different charism. We must embrace all men of goodwill and collaborate with them when the opportunity presents itself. What is important is that each person remains faithful to the calling he has received from God. The more workers in God’s vineyard, the better it will be for the growth and development of the Church.

  • Laura K.

    Are you sure “Ben Sirach” is the author of the book of Sirach? Perhaps you use a different translation than the New Anerican Bible? Because coincidentally, the New American Bible said the name of the author of the book of Sirach is Jesus, although he was in no relation to Our Lord Jesus Christ.