What Belongs to God?

Appearing desirous to know their duty, Christ’s enemies were ensnaring him into a dispute on politics. First and foremost, Jesus makes it very clear that there should not be a division between obeying God and government. Government makes our economy possible and therefore should rightfully charge for its services and it has the authority to do so. Therefore, as law-abiding citizens, we should pay what rightfully belongs to the government in the form of taxes. But Jesus is not so concerned about where the money goes as where our hearts are, or should be, in the giving. He tells us to be as diligent in giving to God what belongs to God. And what belongs to God? Our lives, our hearts, our spiritual allegiance, our possessions, our ambitions. He tells us to commit our lives to true discipleship, to use our possessions to further the interests of God’s Kingdom. That should be our life’s purpose, our reason for living, our goal – the path to His Kingdom.

In today’s reading, God puts Tobias to the test as He did with Job, by allowing blindness to befall upon him despite his defying the King and following God’s command to bury his slain comrades. But like Job, Tobias was steadfast in his faith and continued to carry out God’s wishes, thanking Him for the rest of his life. We all have our trials and must bear them for love and faithfulness to God. In this way, we glorify Him.