Vaccination: Material Cooperation in Abortion and Autism?

In the media uproar and rush to be vaccinated against Swine Flu or H1N1 there is a quiet discussion about exactly what are the deadly ingredients in these vaccinations. Many parents, rightly so, are concerned about the levels of Thimerosal and the potential for mercury poisoning that some blame for autism in some vaccines. While there may be Thimerosal-free vaccines available, most of the first shipments of the H1N1 vaccine apparently contain very high levels of Thimerosal. To vaccinate a child in the face of some statistics showing autism rates of 1.4% for children today, versus virtually zero before widespread vaccinations programs began, gives one pause for concern. What is even more disturbing to those in the pro-life movement is the knowledge that these vaccines designed to prevent the flu are possibly tainted with the tissues from voluntarily aborted babies.

To date, according to a multiple sources, dozens of the vaccines used by Americans today are contaminated with human diploid cells; the tissues derived from the cells of voluntarily aborted babies. What is even more alarming is there are no laws to require that people be informed as to which vaccines have these tainted tissues as their root base and which do not. Vaccine makers, attempting to get around what they know to be controversial information, label their ingredients in such a way to mask the fact that there are cells from electively aborted babies in the formulation of their vaccines.

What is a pro-life parent or person to do? Catholic experts give conflicting information at best. The Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, who serves as the Director of Education at The National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, says parents may vaccinate their children with these tainted vaccines because by doing so, “they are not involved in any illicit form of cooperation with the original abortion.”

Further Father Pasholczyk explains that parents who use these tainted vaccines should educate themselves and others about the facts of their origination. They should demand that alternatives and morally-derived vaccines be developed. But in the end he says, “Parents may vaccinate their children because vaccinations are critical to preventing serious, life-threatening diseases and to safeguarding large segments of the population from cataclysmic disease outbreaks and epidemics.”

Do all of the nearly two dozen vaccines contaminated by voluntarily aborted babies rise to a “cataclysmic level” as Father Pasholczyk suggests? For many baby-boomer parents, mumps, measles and chicken pox were almost a rite of passage. In fact, there is a growing school of thought in medicine that these childhood illnesses help to strengthen a child’s immune system for later in life. Ironic to think that the very vaccines designed to prevent these illnesses now, tainted with the blood of electively aborted babies, may be producing a new generation of children with weakened immune systems.

Remember that Father Pasholczyk is not speaking for the Magisterium of the Catholic Church when he tells parents that it’s okay to use tainted vaccines. From Rome, we have a different Catholic perspective, in a letter from Bishop Elio Sgreccia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life to Mrs. Debra Vinnedge, executive director, Children of God for Life in July, 2005. Bishop Sgreccia says that Catholics have “a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines and to make a conscientious objection with regard to those which have moral problems. The lawfulness of the use of these vaccines should not be misinterpreted as a declaration of the lawfulness of their production, marketing and use, but is to be understood as being a passive material cooperation (emphasis added) and, in its mildest and remotest sense, also active material cooperation , morally justified as an "extrema ratio" due to the necessity to provide for the good of one’s children and of the people who come in contact with the children — especially pregnant women. Such cooperation occurs in a context of moral coercion of the conscience of parents, who are forced to choose to act against their conscience or otherwise, to put the health of their children and of the population as a whole at risk. This is an unjust alternative choice, which must be eliminated as soon as possible.”

So what is a pro-life Catholic to do? We are left simply with the lesser of two evils. Either we participate in (at least) “passive material cooperation” to abortion or decide to take our chances and not vaccinate our children, hoping that if they do catch one of these illnesses our modern American medical system can provide care for a full recovery. And yet, even those in the pro-life movement who decide a “passive material cooperation” is their moral choice are left with some other rather startling information.

It is clear, with the power of the pharmaceutical lobby and the present leadership of the U.S. government, there is going to be no effort to “force” vaccine manufacturers to create vaccines that are not tainted with the blood of voluntarily aborted babies. And to complicate the matter even further, in nearly all current vaccines products there is a statement that declares there is residual DNA in their formulation. Each new vaccine is a virtual cocktail that contains ingredients built from the ingredients made in the last one. Trying to even discern which vaccines are truly “abortion-free” may be impossible to tell.

According to Dr. Theresa Deisher president of the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI), as well development director for Ave Maria Biotechnology Company, which promotes pro-life biotechnology, it may not be Thimerosal in vaccines that parents, concerned about autism, need to worry about, but, in fact, the residual DNA from the tissues of voluntarily aborted babies. In an article Dr. Deisher wrote for the SCPI June, 2009 newsletter she said:

There are groups researching the potential link between this DNA and autoimmune diseases such as juvenile (type I) diabetes, multiple sclerosis and lupus. Our organization, (SCPI), is focused on studying the quantity, characteristics and genomic recombination of the aborted fetal DNA found in many of our vaccines. Preliminary bioinformatics research conducted at SCPI indicates that "hot spots" for DNA recombination are found in nine autism-associated genes present on the X chromosome. These nine genes are involved in nerve-cell synapse formation, central nervous system development and mitochondrial function. Could genomic insertion of the aborted fetal DNA, found in some of our childhood vaccines since 1979, be an environmental trigger for autism? Could the fact that genes critical for nerve synapse formation and nervous system development found on the X chromosome, provide some explanation of why autism is predominantly a disease found in boys? Could the "hot spots" identified in these autism-associated genes be sites for insertion of contaminating aborted fetal DNA?

These are the questions just now being look into by the same organizations and research firms, like the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, that assured us that Thimerosal was not the link between vaccines and autism. In the meantime, good pro-life people will have to decide between the lesser of two evils: Whether to have “passive material cooperation” and allow ourselves to be immunized with vaccines known to be tainted with the tissues from electively aborted babies, or take our chances that we won’t get these diseases or viruses.

Although H1N1 makes this issue especially relevant, it is not a new one. As far as 1994 at the Catholic Bishops conference of England and Wales, religious leaders prepared a report on this very same subject which called vaccine use of voluntarily aborted babies,“a kind of evil which is widespread in biomedical research and which people rightly think they should combat when they can…the practice of medicine is being made parasitic on the evils of abortion and fetal experimentation.”

Fifteen years ago they called on Catholics to refuse vaccination as “one way of seeking to turn medicine from a course which will increasingly subvert people’s confidence in it.” For many of us, we cannot “passively materially cooperate” in the killing of the unborn and so refusing to vaccinate is our only choice. Maybe if enough pro-lifers took this stand, we could turn medicine from its course of continuing to kill and using the unborn to save the rest of us.


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  • cpageinkeller

    Thus the article begins: “…the media uproar and rush to be vaccinated against Swine Flu or H1N1 there is a quiet discussion about exactly what are the deadly ingredients in these vaccinations..”

    From this beginning, I did not anticipate an article with balance, and I was not disappointed.

    Here are the facts as I know them from extensive research (mainly because I have six grandchildren for whom I am concerned):

    1) The H1N1 vaccine in the USA does not contain fetal DNA, fetal cell culture is not used in its manufacture. It is an egg culture vaccine, just like the annual flu vaccine.

    2) Only the multidose vials of the vaccine contain a small amount of Thiomerosol
    The preloaded syringes and the flumist do not contain any Thiomersol.

    3) Thiomerosol has been investigated extensively and, in spite of great effort, cannot be correlated with autism of any other adverse outcome. The “dose” of mercury is minuscule.

    4) The H1N1 vaccine, in clinical trials, is safe and effective: 1) No increment in adverse events versus placebo 2) Excellent increment in neutralizing antibodies with a single dose in those over 10 years old, younger require two doses.

    5) H1N1 flu affects children and young adults disproportionately (compared to seasonal flu).

    6) Patients sick enough to be hospitalized with H1N1 flu stand about a 12% chance of dying, usually from viral pneumonia (with or without secondary bacterial infection) – impossible to ventilate!

    7) The 1918 H1N1 pandemic, in the absence of a vaccine, killed over 50 million. Like the current pandemic,it began in the Spring and returned with a much higher rate of infection in the fall and Winter, peaking between November and March. The Spring pass was termed “light flu.” The Winter pass was lethal, and like our current outbreak affected predominately the young and healthy.

    In essence, we have a pandemic of a virus whose historical record is horrible (1918). We do not know for sure whether the current pandemic would pursue as disastrous a course in the absence of a vaccine. We do have a vaccine that is safe and effective against the current strain H1N1 that is circulating.

    My plea is for the vaccination of as many children and young adults as early as possible – as availability of the vaccine permits.

    The article concludes:”…For many of us, we cannot “passively materially cooperate” in the killing of the unborn and so refusing to vaccinate is our only choice.” Oh, please. This is not the only choice. It is a false choice.

    Beyond a sewer system and safe public water supply, immunizations have done more for public health than any number of medical interventions after the fact. Avoiding vaccination does not serve the “greater good.” It only takes about 10% of kids not immunized against rubella to generate rubella babies!

    For almost all critical vaccines, there is a source that does not involve the use of fetal tissue cell culture. Parents just must do their homework. There are some exceptions, and I clearly agree with not using vaccines that are fetal culture based.

    Pleasssssse do not confuse avoiding the H1N1 vaccine with a pro life position.

  • Mary S.

    Thank your for a very thought-provoking & also helpful article. It seems that if the Catholic Church simply said that none of these “tainted” vaccines are acceptable & then supported Dr. Deisher’s group, we would be going a long way to solving this problem. In the current political & cultural climate, passivity will be defeat. Where are the bishops? Where is the pro-life movement? Other than a few articles such as this, I don’t hear anything about this which means most people aren’t even aware of the problem. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

  • stutmann9

    Catholics need to make themselves aware of companies that DO expressly state that they DO NOT put human DNA from aborted babies nor excessive amounts of Thimerosol in their vaccines. There is such a company, see the link here:

    We do not have to be unwilling victims! There ARE good companies out there who realize the need for parents who are pro-life to be able to make ethical and safe vaccine choices for their children! I was encouraged by this news on Human Life International!

  • mcisk

    To cpageinkeller:
    There is massive amounts of evidence to counter each or your claims. May I suggest that anyone interested for starters look at Dr. Mercola’s website: and also take a look at the National Vaccine Information Center. See also The swine flu “epidemic” is way overblown, statistics being manipulated by big Pharma and big Government to make a lot of money…and to exert control over your life. No thanks!

  • cpageinkeller

    Latest mortality distribution from H1N1:

    89% of deaths occur in people under the age of 65*
    65% of deaths in age group 24-65
    24% of deaths in age group under 24
    34 Pediatric deaths in Texas since August 30

    *inversion of seasonal flu mortality where 90% of deaths occur in folks >65 years old

  • jvista

    cpageinkeller: Thank you for speaking out against these conspiracy theorists!

    You don’t want to vaccinate your children? Then fine. However, when they come down with life-threatening H1N1, then DO NOT bring them to the hospital!

    After all, you never know what DEADLY INGREDIENTS they may be given there!!!

    Fair enough?!

  • KMc

    Couple of things….there has been no extensive study to know the long term effects of the H1N1 vaccine – this new flu has also decreased in severity instead of increasing. We know many people who had it and it was no worse than any bug that goes thru a family. Also, Children of God for Life have a listing of physicians that provide ethical vaccines – we are blessed to live somewhat near one and I take our kids to her for ALL of their necessary vaccines. You can also ask your physician to order those vaccines by getting the COGFL brochure and bringing it with you to check ups…my pedicatrician loved getting this info and was very supportive of us getting our kids vaccinated elsewhere until his group could provide these.
    Also, we live is an Archdiocese which makes it MANDATORY for Catholic school kids to have abortion tainted vaccinations – even the public schools here have a religious exemption but our own Catholic schools do not – this is ridiculous!! Where are our bishops? Those who have questioned this policy get the PC brush off – some have pulled their kids from Catholic schools to put them in Episcopal schools just so they can live a solidly pro-life Catholic life! That is pathetic! why are the bishops not soundly supporting the ethical vaccines instead of ignoring the evidence of spipritual and physical dangers of vaccines derived from aborted babies? Almost EVERY tainted vaccine has an equally effective non-tainted counterpart —we should be yelling this from the rooftops but instead of leading others to truth we tell those who bring us the truth to pipe down. KMc

  • caporasa

    With all due respect I believe that this is an irresponsible article with claims that should be substantiated with evidence if we are to take them seriously because the health of our children is at stake.

    There have been several large epidemiologic studies, both prospective and retrospective published in the early to mid 2000’s in respected journals like JAMA and Pediatrics (among others) failing to show an association between the use of thimerosal containing vaccines and autism.

    Much of the increase in the diagnosis of the disease (autism and autistic-spectrum disorders in general) seems to stem from a greater appreciation of the illness among medical professionals and the public at large.

    New parents currently don’t have the perspective of the great and very real evils of debilitating infectious diseases like polio, small pox and measles encephalitis (among others) to appreciate what a miracle these vaccines are/have been.

  • cpageinkeller

    The question was asked, “Where are the bishops on this issue”

    What do I do if there is no alternative to a vaccine produced from these cell lines?

    One is morally free to use the vaccine regardless of its historical association with abortion. The reason is that the risk to public health, if one chooses not to vaccinate, outweighs the legitimate concern about the origins of the vaccine. This is especially important for parents, who have a moral obligation to protect the life and health of their children and those around them.

    What support is there in Church teaching for this position?

    A statement from the Pontifical Academy for Life issued in 2005 holds that one may use these products, despite their distant association with abortion, at least until such time as new vaccines become available. (

    In essence the advice is to know how the vaccines are made, use alternatives vaccine if available, but vaccinate in the name of public health.

    To KMc: I would really appreciate your referencing your statement that the severity of the H1N1 has diminished. It is true that some folks don’t get very sick, but there is no evidence that it is less deadly than the 1918 virus that killed about 2.5% of the US population. That’s a lot of folks!

  • Cheryl Dickow

    jvista says, …You don’t want to vaccinate your children? Then fine. However, when they come down with life-threatening H1N1, then DO NOT bring them to the hospital!

    That certainly seems a bit harsh especially since every Catholic parent I know is doing his or her best to wade through mounds of material in an attempt to make the right decision regarding the vaccination. If you read some of the material you must be able to see why conspiracy theorists, as you call them, are emerging and you might find yourself with a more charitable attitude.

    Plus, as Julie Roberts says in the movie “Conspiracy Theory” in regards to the Mel Gibson character’s absolute all-consuming conviction about a conspiracy theory: “Just because you think that people are out to get you doesn’t mean they aren’t.”

  • jvista

    Cheryl, I apologize if what I said sounds harsh. However, do you disagree with the fairness of my proposal?

    Picture this: Over the next several months H1N1 mutates into a more virulent strain. Based on articles such as these, up to 40% or more of children go unvaccinated.

    It is already predicted that hospitals will be overwhelmed with influenza this winter. Add this worst-case scenario…and our health care system will be strained beyond the breaking point.

    And to a large degree, it would have been preventable…

  • Mark, thank you for your article, I think that it does raise some important points that we should think about and be aware of. I know that as a new parent, my wife and I looked into which vaccines were produced with aborted fetal cells, as well as what to do with the vaccines that are made of them. My understanding in researching this topic is that if there are vaccines that are morally acceptable (not made with aborted fetal cells), then we should use those. However, if there is no alternative, then the vaccine would be permissable. I know that as we began vaccinating our child, we talked to our pediatrician about this and our concerns, she did tell us that the vaccines that they use are not made with aborted fetal cells. I believe that it is important for everyone to have this conversation with your doctor and to share your concerns with them.

    We also must understand that not all vaccines that children regularly receive are made with aborted fetal cells. There are many vaccines that are made without aborted fetal cells, and are therefore perfectly acceptable.

    I am interested to continue to follow the vaccine and autism link. While there may or may not be a link; we do have to acknowledge that in the last several years the diagnosis of autism and its various forms has become more refined. I think that part of the reason we have seen an increase in autism cases is that it is more recognized. So whether there is a strong link with certain vaccines, I believe time will tell.

  • Cheryl Dickow


    So in this proposal I assume that the same hospitals that shouldn’t be burdened by potential patients who were not swine flu vaccinated (due to the very best decisions that parents felt they could make) should also not treat lung cancer patients who smoked because there is no doubt about that as a preventable disease.

    And diabetes linked directly to poor eating habits and lack of exercise, those patients certainly knew better and don’t deserve treatment according to your “proposal.”

    What about heart patients who eat mounds of cholesterol-laden foods? They had better find options other than emergency room treatments for chest pains, right?

    And what if the conspiracy theorists are correct and the vaccine has long term negative health consequences for the people who did receive them — should those health issues be left untreated because, well, there was talk….

  • There are other points to consider that I left out of the article:

    1) Catholics who want to vaccinate themselves or their children, and want to be true to their pro-life stance, cannot readily and easily find sources for non-tainted lines or companies that produce these vaccines. The Catholic Church should support this effort and make it easy for this information to be found, instead of simply saying it’s okay to using tainted lines.
    2) We are always concerned as pro-life Catholics about funding abortion in healthcare reform, or directly or indirectly funding groups like Planned Parenthood. How is this any different? The government is supplying billions of dollars (our money) in either research funding, or to vaccine manufacturers directly who then make profits with their tainted vaccines lines. There is no effort in place to stop this funding, or this research.
    3) We don’t know the long-term health consequences of the H1N1 vaccine, how could we? It was rushed to market.
    4) We have become a vaccination, pill taking society. We don’t want to look at the reasons why or how those vaccines are made. As one woman who e-mailed this morning after reading the article said, “now we’re vaccinating our children against the natural consequences of sin with HepB and HPV.”

  • jvista

    Apples and oranges, Cheryl. (Although you are correct in that they are a potentially preventable burden on the health care system.)

    Smokers are addicted to nicotine. Diabetic and cardiac patients, while they may know better, consume high-fat, high-sodium foods because to do so is PLEASURABLE.

    The only people this comparison MIGHT apply to are those with a severe phobia of needles. To what are non-vaccinators addicted? What precisely about non-vaccination causes the release of endorphins in the brain?

  • pumpkinpatch

    As the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, my son having gone thru the entire recommended vaccination program (Canadian), I have been torn over what to do about the H1N1 vaccine. (I have good reason to believe that vaccinations have something to do with my son’s neurodevelopmental condition.) In Canada the H1N1 vaccine will contain both a considerable amount of Thimerosol as well as an adjuvant that might contain aluminum. I have certainly been doing a lot of research, as a result. Contrary to what “cpageinkeller” has said, it is not true that Thimerosol “cannot be correlated with autism of any other adverse outcome.” Read “Feeding the Hungry Lie” at Age of Autism:

    The Atlantic also had a very interesting article recently questioning the whole regime of vaccination, entitled, “Does the Vaccine Matter?”

    As the author of the first article, above, quotes the late (Dr.) Michael Crichton:

    “I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.”

    I am by no means any kind of conspiracy theorist, but if you can read New York Times journalist David Kirby’s book “Evidence of Harm” without coming away with some serious questions about the safety of vaccines, you are a wishful thinker indeed.

  • Cheryl Dickow


    So in your way of thinking “Pleasure” is an acceptable reason for existence diabetes and heart disease and “fear of the unknown/inconclusive long term data” is not an acceptable reason to avoid a vaccine?

    A charitable attitude would be allowing for people’s misgivings and assume they are based upon such things as knowledge about the vaccines the troops received and then the tremendous amount of medical conditions now known as “Gulf War Syndrome” or the first attempt at swine flu vaccinations where disasterous consequences included people who were permanently disabled with a number of health problems.

    If you are judging that food-pleasure is an acceptable reason for someone to experience heart disease or diabetes and that their demands on health care are okay then you most certainly should take the same stand for people who are choosing to avoid the swine flu vaccine.

    It isn’t apples and oranges as much as it is that you feel you can make judgments.

  • bkeebler

    The comment below and I quote: “but to be absolutely honest, of course it is only when you have a large scale distribution of vaccines that you know with certainty the safety profile of the vaccine”.

    This sent chills down my spine and the words, guinea pig, came to mind.

    Also I quote: “So what needs to be put in place and everyone is working towards this direction is a very good surveillance system and monitoring adverse effects so that as soon as a signal pops up it can immediately be followed-up, investigated and adequate public health measures be taken to respond to that.”

    Again, after the fact there will be “monitoring” and “investigated” and “adequate public health measures”. Even WHO admits it is not known to be safe until “you have a large scale distribution”. This is very worrisome indeed, what are we to think… no wonder so many even in the health industry do not want to take it.

    Question and answer session I copied in July (in part I copied below) from WHO web site (don’t know if it is still on their Web site)

    Transcript of virtual press conference with
    Gregory Hartl, WHO Spokesperson for Global Alert and Response
    and Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Director of the Initiative for Vaccine Research, World Health Organization
    13 July 2009

    Richard Knox, National Public Radio: Dr Kieny, you said earlier that you do not expect safety issues to arise with the pandemic vaccine and tests but do you think that there is less risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome with this new swine flu vaccine than there was in 1976 and why? And secondly, I wonder with the accelerated safety tests that will be necessary, how many subjects will you expect to have tested and how can experts draw conclusions about safety from these tests when the vaccine has put into a hundreds of millions of people.

    Dr Marie-Paule Kieny: It is not completely known why the vaccine which was distributed against the swine flu in 1976 induced higher risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome. There are a number of hypotheses and one of the hypotheses is that the vaccine was contaminated by a component coming from a bacterial infection that was inducing antibodies that cross reacted with self protein and therefore, caused Guillain-Barre syndrome. The vaccines which are produced now are much better purified than the way they were in 1976, so we really do not think that it is likely that we will have these side effects again, but to be absolutely honest, of course it is only when you have a large scale distribution of vaccines that you know with certainty the safety profile of the vaccine. Modern vaccines such as those which are used to immunize children and adults currently in all countries of the world are very safe products. Nevertheless, in a very small numbers of people they do induce adverse reactions and this can be the case as well for adjuvanted vaccines and non adjuvanted vaccines. So what needs to be put in place and everyone is working towards this direction is a very good surveillance system and monitoring adverse effects so that as soon as a signal pops up it can immediately be followed-up, investigated and adequate public health measures be taken to respond to that. Now, in terms of these new vaccines, new adjuvants there is one manufacturer who has had an oil-in-water adjuvanted influenza vaccine in use for many years for seasonal vaccination and the safety database for this particular antigen is very large although mainly in elderly people and there does not seem to be any signal for any unexpected severe event like Guillain-Barre. But as I said, all must be put in place to detect any signal as early as possible.

  • jmtfh

    WATCH THIS! A beautiful young lady’s life is forever altered 10 days after receiving the N1H1 vaccine!

  • jvista

    You are twisting my words. I was not talking about the *existence* of disease, but rather *treatment*.

    There is such a thing as irrational fear. Influenza vaccines have been produced and administered since the 1940s–long before I, and I suspect you, were born.

    Everyone makes judgments. YOU make judgments.

    The point I have been trying to make all along is this: Make a decision–live with the consequences. I give up trying to fight the propaganda.

  • fg


    You really should get more educated. Concerning ‘conspiracy theory’, did your realize that several vaccination programs in predominately Catholic countries have been linked to sterilization efforts?

    No, the women weren’t told they were being sterilized, the vaccine was TAINTED so as to train their body to react against hormones necessary for pregnancy.

    The last link is for a patent on the subject…

    And how about those mump outbreaks that keep occurring with vaccinated children? They are popping up around the country. Why is that? I was always told that once vaccinated by mumps, one cannot get the disease. Oh, I know, now they apparently need ‘booster shots’ whereas when I was growing up we were told the vaccine was for a lifetime… Interesting change of direction…

    And then there is the money factor… What NEW group of individual’s can we target? How about teenager’s and STDs? In Ohio they use to force infants to get the Hepatitis vaccine. The main state legislature who pushed it here owned tons of stock in the manufacturer… Conflict of interest? Does it make sense to vaccinate ALL INFANTS against a disease that was 99.9% likely to be in the part of the population that was involed in either prostitution or IV drug use, especially when the vaccine ONLY LASTED 10 YEARS? In the end, Ohio now has a moratorium on forcing the vaccine because it caused too many problems. However, plenty of money was made in the interm…

    Question: Do companies who create vaccines that sterilize without the target population being aware of it, or pay politicians off to get their drug MANDATED through schools seem like the type that would be fairly honest in their representation of data?

    I am sure that their are honest manufacturers out there jvista. However, let’s not be ignorant of the fact that the same corruption that led to coporate scandal in the banking industry cannot extend itself to other areas of business.

  • angelmama

    I think this article should have been put in the “The Edge” column today. 🙂 You guys are giving me some really good things to think about. I have three kids ages, 6,4 and 3. We are planning to take all the kids to their pediatrician in the next couple of weeks for well-visits, which may (or may not after reading the article and following up on all the good info links you all posted)include vaccinations.

    Let us please all remember that this issue can be very “gray” in a lot of cases since we have not been given definitive guidance on this issue from our Bishops or from Rome. We are all parents, trying to do the very best we can for our children. AND we are devoted Catholics who love our Lord and don’t want to do anything to offend Him. Let us pray for each other to make the very best, most moral choices we can, in accord with our consciences, informed by the teachings of Holy Mother Church. God Bless!

  • Terri Kimmel

    We had H1N1 in our house a couple of weeks ago. Two of the kids (out of 7) got symptoms that had them in bed. One we took to the hospital because the 5 pediatric and family clinics I called were all booked solid. That’s how we got the diagnosis. None of the rest of us had any significant symptoms–and I’m in my last trimester of pregnancy. There is a strong push for vaccinations (most of us had seasonal flu vaccine, but not H1N1), but nobody is talking about nutrition, good sleep schedules, moderate exercise, etc. You bet big pharmaceutical companies are driving this.

    In Texas, the bishops all came together and decided that they would no longer accept a religious exemption for vaccines. That means that the state, the secular government entity, will respect my decision if I refuse a chicken pox vaccine (is chicken pox really a large scale threat?) that is originated with aborted fetal cells, but the Church in my diocese will not. I guess I’ll be homeschooling my kids for a long while to come.

  • key2th8thpole

    You say “Picture this: Over the next several months H1N1 mutates into a more virulent strain. Based on articles such as these, up to 40% or more of children go unvaccinated.” Lets think about this for a moment shall we? IF the strain mutates, then the vaccine will NOT protect those who have received it, it will however give you a greater sense of security. I am a bit insulted that you treat the reasoned decision of parents who have done their research, pulled their hair out, and taken this decision very seriously, as an excuse for us NOT to have our children treated if all our other careful measures fail. One question jvista. Will you seek treatment for you or your child if you have an adverse reaction to the vaccine?

  • Terri — that is one reason we have chosen to homeschool. I was appalled when I called a local Catholic school to inquire about the procedure for filing a waiver for vaccinations and was told that they wouldn’t accept it. Yet the public school down the street would have.

    We have chosen not to get flu shots in our family and instead focus on good health choices — vitamins, good food, lots of exercise, hand washing, etc. So far so good. I respect the decision by other families to vaccinate and just ask that you respect my decision not to. My decision was reached through much prayer and research; I assume that yours was, too.

    I don’t know what to believe about autism and vaccines. I have read a lot of good information on both sides of that issue. I do know that we have chosen not to use vaccines that are derived from aborted fetal cells. That includes rubella. Rubella can be very dangerous if contracted by a pregnant woman. I had the vaccine as a child and tested as immune for my first 3 pregnancies. Then with my 4th I tested non-immune. Why? How did that wear off when it was supposed to confer a lifetime of immunity? I don’t know but I have chosen not to get the vaccine again. My daughters will have to make their own decisions when they get married with regard to that vaccine. I won’t make it now for them.

    Like someone else said, I wish that the Catholic Church would take a stand on this issue so that pressure would be placed on the pharmaceutical companies to create vaccines that are not derived from aborted babies instead of just saying that it’s alright to take the vaccines if a moral vaccine is not available.

  • Gemma Riordan

    Terri, there’s nothing wrong with homeschooling for any reason. Now,enquiring minds want to know why the morally acceptable Rubella available and in use since 1995 in Japan has not YET been approved in the U.S.? Yet RU486 and “Plan B” contraception sped by in the blink of an eye, first when Hillary was running for NY governor and the other soon afterward. One must go to Japan or Canada for their rubella as the Measles and Mumps can be taken separately in the US but there’s no substitute for the Rubella.
    As health consumers parents have every right to question the validity of vaccines especially in light of the epidemic of autism. Now that chickenpox vaccine is here, adults have need for a shingles vaccine since many adults now can’t produce needed antibodies since there are few children (around them having chicken pox) and since adult shingles cases are dreadfully worse these days. On Gardasil, I recommend checking out what the manufacterer’s rep said about its ineffectiveness and side effects


  • pumpkinpatch


    Thank you for bringing up Gardasil. As I have a daughter as well, who was slated to receive this, I had to do my research on this as well. I ended up being interviewed by our local tv news show as the parent who was not going to go ahead with it (the other parent wasn’t sure – which was interesting). There is an excellent brochure available from Alliance for Life Ontario – click on the link “HPV Updated Statistics” here: You can print out this pdf, or copies of the brochure can be ordered. One of the sources cited in the brochure is an excellent article, “Our Girls are Not Guinea Pigs” from Canadian news magazine Macleans – it is superb:

  • adorientem

    You stated, “To date, according to a multiple sources, dozens of the vaccines used by Americans today are contaminated with human diploid cells; the tissues derived from the cells of voluntarily aborted babies.” Can you tell us what those sources are so that we can read some more about this? Also is there a way to get an accurate list of what exactly is in the H1N1 vaccine? I have heard so many conflicting reports that I honestly do not know who to believe. Great article.

  • key2th8thpole

    Measles and Mumps may be given as separate shots without Rubella. However, the catch is at least in my experience, is good luck in finding a doctor willing to order the vaccines. They must be ordered in quantity and have an expiration date, so doctors Ive spoken to did not find it cost effective to order them. Not only that, but if your children are on a medical card, you are completely out of luck, even if you can find a doctor willing to order the vaccines, because a medical card will not cover the Measles and Mumps- it will only cover the tainted version MMR.

  • phayes

    I have some resources and the cell lines where developed mainly two children aborted in England in the 1960’s see link for details and it links to catholic bishops and doctors and other sites that give tables of which vaccines/companies use these as opposed to growing vaccine in animal cell cultures.

    I hope we can get the word out so that people can make fully informed decisions on this…it is scary to think of the consequences of ‘social sin’…the decisions forced on us by the culture we live in.

    God bless

  • phayes

    I just read the 2005 Vatican response to this very issue after then Cardinal Ratzinger received a letter from the American Society, Children of God for Life in 2003 and doing research:

    a great 9 page answer which also lists the particular vaccines including the three for which there are no alternatives in the US.

    God bless

  • Based on some requests here, and e-mails I have received, here is some data on the vaccines that contain the human diploid lines from the Centers of Disease Control. See Human Diploid and follow to the right for which vaccines contain these voluntarily aborted tissues.

    This does not give all information, nor does it supply information about companies that continue to use aborted babies in their research to produce new vaccines and/or other drugs. This paper provides some excellent background as well:

    Finally for those who express the viewpoint that they will not allow those who will not vaccinate using these tainted lines to be in school, their argument seems counter-intuitive. There is no danger to vaccinated children from
    unvaccinated children, unless of course parents want to acknowledge that
    some of these vaccines are not particularly effective. According to Dr. Deisher, “The measles outbreaks we have seen in the past year or so on college campuses were primarily among vaccinated people. Interesting.”

    If someone chooses life, and not to vaccinate with a tainted line, how would this endanger someone else who is vaccinated (protected) from the disease?

    The sad reality is that for children born after 1993, over 90% have now been vaccinated with tainted vaccines. What many pro-life Catholics want now are clear options to not continue on that course both for pro-life reasons certainly and perhaps because of what may be the link to other heartwrenching consequences like autism.

  • This article focuses on an issues that my family has been discerning for a number of years. As Pro-life Catholics, when my wife and I learned about these “tainted” vaccines we immediately began researching the subject and stopped vaccinating our children.

    We are not able to send our son John Paul to a Catholic school within our Diocese because he has not recieved the MMR.

    I have had e-mail discussions with Father Tad Pacholczyk on the matter, as well as, had discussions with Debbi Vinnedge, founder of Children of God for Life. A couple of years ago we had invited Ms. Vinnedge to be a keynote speaker at a pro-life event.

    Here are some observations on the subject.

    There is a difference of opinion between those who are scientific minded and those who are not. In the number of Dioceses in the U.S. which do not allow for religious exemptions there is generally an invididual, lay or clergy, working within the Diocese who has a backround in Science or Medicine that has influenced the decision.

    Why should there be a discepency between each Diocese over allowing religious exemptions? Shouldn’t every Diocese be unified in their stance on the issue?

    The Vatican, allows for the usage of the “tainted” vaccines due to social health concerns (such as the threat of Rubella to pregnant women), however, condemns the creation of these “tainted” vaccines and has called for leadership within the communities to stand up against there creation.

    In the regard of allowing the use of these vaccines the Vatican has compromised its position in opposing the use of aborted fetal cells to create medicines. It took a letter, sent decades after the these “tainted” vaccines have been absorbed by a generation, to motivate a declaration by the Church on the matter. Our society as a whole (portentially greater than 99%) is oblivious to its receptiveness of these vaccines. And, 2005, the Church instructs social opposition to the creation of new vaccines using aborted fetal cells, but, it is not a subject that it typically addresed by the Bishops and Pastors.

    What would be the stance by the Church if it were determined that there is no serious threat to society by diseases which the tainted vaccines were designed to protect against? Obviously, they would be against them, however, the Church has been forced to compromise it’s position by the science community.

    The Church states that there are different degrees of complicity in regards to Catholic acceptance and use of these vaccines. The big question is should we be complicit with anything that attempts to justify any abortion and at what point do Catholics not comply with accepting the vaccines that compromise the belief in respecting the dignity of the life exploited as a human resource.

    The pharmaceutical corporations have not halted using cell lines from aborted fetuses to produce vaccines, but, have actually increased their efforts. As a result the Church and Catholics should prepare to face an impending challenge to their moral beliefs regarding these vaccines.

    If, for example, the U.S. Government reforms it’s health care program that enables the opportunity for a public option (a Governmental health plan) then it should be anticipated that the Governmental health plan could eventually monopolize the marketplace. If this event does occur then the public should anticipate that the Government would dictate a plan of mandatory vaccines. The logic being that by taking vaccines it would improve the overall health of the public and eliminate long term health risks that would be costly to the system. Those resisting mandatory vaccines could be veiwed as placing an unfair and unwelcome burden on the system. The Government could threaten those resisting as failing to comply with the plan and drop them from receiving health insurance. It could very well reach a point where Catholics could be in a position to either accept “tainted vaccines” or lose their health coverage. Would the Church continue to bend on the issue or if they were to take a firm stance at this point would Catholics comply?

    The main issue to all of this is whether or not we are jeopardizing ourselves spiritually by choosing to accept these vaccines for the benefit of our physical bodies.

    I have, admittedly, pondered this question at great length and there are a number of Bible passages that lead me to question whether we should be complicit.

    Today’s 1st Reading
    Rom 8:12-17

    Brothers and sisters,
    we are not debtors to the flesh,
    to live according to the flesh.
    For if you live according to the flesh, you will die,
    but if by the spirit you put to death the deeds of the body,
    you will live.

    Lk 11:46-48

    And he said, “Woe also to you scholars of the law! You impose on people burdens hard to carry, but you yourselves do not lift one finger to touch them.
    Woe to you! You build the memorials of the prophets whom your ancestors killed.
    Consequently, you bear witness and give consent to the deeds of your ancestors, for they killed them and you do the building.

    Are we consequently bearing witness and giving consent to the destruction of human life, by the most heinous crime of abortion, and allowing for their remains to used in building vaccines?