USCCB Appointment Dismays Pro-lifers

Denise Hunnell aka Catholic Mom has asked some very important questions regarding the USCCB's appointment of Kathy Saile as the new Director of Domestic Policy for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

This important and very public post has gone to a woman who was a featured speaker at a 2006 (that ain't all that long ago, folks) WIN conference. Perhaps you don't know what WIN is. Maybe that says something about the company you keep… or don't keep.

WIN claims to be Washington's premier professional, political, and social network dedicated to empowering young, Democratic, pro-choice women.

So what does Kathy Saile's appearance at their conference say about the company she keeps?  What does it say about her views on abortion and other life issues? Along with similar pertinent questions, Denise Hunnell asks Was There No One Else? Other blogs commenting on this include The Cafeteria is Closed, Priestly Pugilist, and Creative Minority Report.

Clearly the bishops have some explaining to do. Actually they have some firing and hiring to do. How about starting with the bureaucrats who made this brilliant selection?  With that thought in mind, who would like to wager that at least one nun who has not worn a habit for 30 years was on the committee that made this choice? Do I hear two habitless nuns? Three?

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    So, at the "Pearly Gates" do the bishops get to shove a bureaucrat before them and stutter, while flailing their arms, "but, but the bureaucrats…."?

    This bunch needs prayers and the USCCB…good riddance!

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    I've googled & could not find (in time available) any report on the content of Ms. Saile's speech, only a short attributed quote re Latin responses at Mass. However, I pray that this is not an adoption of the tactics of how to transform pro-life/respect life organisations into pro-abortion militancy. Think Amnesty International and also the mission work of those who engineered that change within AI to assist others to do the same elsewhere.

    I also pray that the sense of outrage among the Catholics in the US can be mobilised to ensure the protection of your institutions and the mission of the Church.

    God help us all.

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    This was the subject matter:

    Did the Left Cede Heaven? The Intersection of Faith and Politics

    And this is the description from the WIN website:

    Throughout American history religion has shaped US politics. Recent history has focused on the efforts and effects of Conservative Christians in the Republican Party, but the Left continues to be a party of people of faith. This dinner will highlight the way liberal people of faith organize to further progressive causes.
    Planners: Maggie Rosenbloom & Ellen Banakis
    Host: Shannon Hughs, Account Executive, Stones' Phones Consulting
    Speaker: Sammie Moshenberg, Director of Washington Operations, National Council of Jewish Women; Kathy Saile, Associate Director of Public Policy, Lutheran Services

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    Stop using the words 'pro-choice.'  Abortion is not pro-choice.  It's pro-death, pro-infanticide, pro-murder.  There is no choice for the helpless innocent, and a 'choice' for murder by the mom, and 'doctors' who assist her. 

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    I also posted about this on my blog.

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    How long, O Lord?

    In the words of Tevya in The Fiddler on the Roof, "God, please send us the cure; we have the sickness already."

    How can our bishops' organization continue to do this type of thing? The only response can be outrage.

    Don't just sit there — PRAY!

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    I received my response from Kimberly Baker of the USCCB Pro-life Secretariat. I've posted the response here.

    According to the USCCB, this was all just a big misunderstanding. Ms. Saile was at that WIN dinner to provide a pro-life viewpoint to those pro-abortion Democratic women. Uh…right. She thought an organization whose mission statement declares it exists solely to elect pro-abortion Democratic women would be open to a pro-life viewpoint. We shall see how pro-life she is as she performs her new job as the USCCB Domestic Policy Director. I still ask the question, "Was there no one else?"