Those @#$%&* School Forms

If you have just sent or are about to send the kids off to school, you know what I mean. In the first week of school they are going to trudge into the house clutching pages upon pages of school paperwork in their little fists.

What is all boils down to is a bunch of unpaid secretarial work that moms are expected to do.  You could try delegating it to dad, I guess — good luck with that, since he has probably never seen the kids shot records and couldn't name their pediatrician if his life depended on it. Besides he needs to go on the forms as an "emergency contact" so you really want to stay on good terms with the man.

What you need is a method to streamline the filling out of the forms. And if you have a copier, I have the method: What you need to do is fill out only the family information — address, emergency contact info, pediatrician, etc — on just one of the forms.  Then copy that form, back and front if needed. (If your kid's schools like to use various pastel colors for different forms you can pick up a pack of assorted pastel printer paper when you buy the kid's school supplies.) Once you have copied the needed number of filled out forms, you can fill in the information that is pertinent to each individual child — name, DOB, shot dates, allergies, etc.

The wonderful thing about this method is that the more children you have, the more time it saves you!

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