The Right Place for Your Faith Story

Ever see the bumper sticker for organ donation that says "Don't take your organs to heaven — heaven knows we need them here"? Well there is something else that heaven knows you need to leave behind for the good of others: your testimony of faith.

Consider what you do when you tell others how God has worked in your life:

> If you are an older person, you give to youth the gift of experience in the faith.

> If you are younger, you give to the aged the gift of hope in the future.

> To those in like circumstances you become a companion in life's journey.

> To those in very different circumstances you become a window of compassion.

> You make the presence of God in the world real to all who learn of your story.

You have your story, but your story needs a place, a setting if you will, where it can be saved and shared. Some people pass precious journals of faith on to their children or grandchildren.  Even the world recognizes the value of personal stories of the generation that is passing and is seeking through various initiatives to collect and preserve them.  But a story of faith should have a faithful setting and that is where Keys 2 Heaven comes in.

The stories are beginning to collect on this beautiful state-of-the-art website:

Good Friday 2005 changed my life. Walking out of the confessional that day I no longer felt the pain that had plagued my soul for twenty years….

Like most parents who lost a child we would often pray for a sign or signal that once again connects us with our son. We hoped for some sort of reassurance…

I was just out of college, with no vision or purpose. I was just having fun or what I thought was fun at the time. I couldn't even figure out what I was going to do with my life, let alone consider the fact that it could end soon…

Scheduled for an ultrasound, we were anxious to see the images of the union of our love. However, enthusiasm turned to concern as our technician became noticeably quiet and then left the room…

Among other services, every month Keys to Heaven will select one of the stories and create an original piano accompaniment to it.  In November of 2008, the songs will be released on a CD. Those who subscribe to Keys to Heaven right now will be able to download a new story-inspired instrumental every month until they receive the complete CD next November and they will receive an immediate free gift:  The O'Neill Brothers Christmas CD. It is not even possible in this brief article to tell you all the beautiful offerings of Keys 2 Heaven. You must visit to see — and hear — for yourself.

Please, visit, join, and tell your story.  Heaven knows we need it.

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    Nice find. The ONeil brothers cds sound good to.


    Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to God's Mercy. Kent C. Bois