The Gravity of Sin

Causing the little ones to commit sin is so grave that it merits drowning with a millstone around the neck to make sure that the tempter really perishes in the depths. The evangelist also presents the catechesis of the gravity of sin telling us to cut off the part of our body that causes us to commit sin. It is not that easy since we all know that it is not the part that commits the sin but the person himself or herself. But the Lord emphasizes to us that we can avoid committing sin by doing something. Yes, as the hand is part of the body like the foot and the eye, we can refer to these as necessary means of going against God, yet we as persons are the culprit. Cutting a part of one’s body is painful enough but the pain is rewarded with getting into the kingdom of God. Humanly speaking, this cutting off is difficult but with God’s grace we can do it. It will cause us pain but we will have life with God.

Again the comparison with the salt is presented. What are believers for in this world if we cannot give taste? The challenge of being the one to give taste in our society today is seemingly meaningless. Though our churches are full on Sundays and Lenten days, still the call of the Lord goes in the daily living we make. Are we always aware of this?