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Lea Mills – An 18th century Factory…and It’s Still Open

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What is the Definition of Beauty? …Will the Real St Thomas Aquinas Please Stand Up

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Work from the Drawing Course at Thomas More College, Summer 2013

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Schubert Soothes Savages, Becalms Beasts and Subdues Students (Throwing Food) – the Evidence is Here

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Aquinas, Augustin, Benedict and Corbon on Seven and Eight in the Psalms and the Liturgy.

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Thomas More College Alumnus Enter Novitiate for Oratory of St Philip Neri in Lewiston, Maine

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Christian Geometric Art in an Arabic Gospel

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Some Geometric Art from Thomas More College Students

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Thomas Aquinas on the Psalms and the Liturgy as the Source of Wisdom

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Thomas More College Choir Sings for the Extraordinary Form, First Sunday of Lent