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Carved and Coloured Icons – Beautiful but Why Bother to Carve Them?

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A School of Love: Sacred Liturgy and Education. Reflections after Sacra Liturgia 2013 in Rome

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Acton University – a Short Course in Economics of the Free Economy in Accordance with Catholic Social Teaching

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Summer courses: Diploma on the Theology of Sacred Art Offered in US and UK; Icon painting course in Kansas

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Vatican Congregation Restructured to Emphasis the Importance of Sacred Art and Music

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Floor Tiles from Cleve Abbey in Somerset, England

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Dr Caroline Farey of the Maryvale Institute to Participate in Vatican Synod on New Evangelisation

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The Fra Angelico Institute for Sacred Arts – based in the diocese of Providence, Rhode Island

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Some Recently Completed Sacred Art

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Raphael’s Crucifixion – a Portrayal of the Mass