St. Venantius

Born Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus in 535, thankfully, we know him simply as Saint Venantius.  He lived in Treviso, Italy, but was educated at Ravenna and went to Germany in the year 565.  While living in Poitiers, he was ordained and also became an advisor and secretary to King Clotaire I’s wife, Radegund.  Eventually he was made Bishop of Poitiers.  He loved to write and wrote about other religious figures in history such as Hilary of Poiters, Radegund, Martin of Tours, and Germanus of Paris.  He also wrote about the marriage of King Sigebert and Brunehilde in the year 566, about other relatives of the King and Queen, and hymns and poems.  Two of his most well-known hymns are Pange Lingua Gloriosi and Vexilla Regis.  Due to his many writings on such varied subjects, we now have invaluable information on the life and customs of his time.

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There is very little information available about this saint, however, because of his writings we do have a lot of information about other events during his time, as well as poetry and music that he wrote. 


Saint Venantius, we are most grateful for your life as a bishop and for your writings.  We thank you for the records that you left concerning events in your day as well as for the music and poetry that you composed.  Dear saint, please pray that each of us will use our gifts to do some good in the world and that we always give God the glory.  Amen.

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