Today's Saint

St. Luke

The Beloved Physician

St. Luke (Evangelist) lived in the first century, and is the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. Luke was a Gentile, making him the only non-Jewish author in the entire New Testament.

Luke had a Greek background and education, and was likely born in Antioch. He is often identified as a doctor, for St. Paul referred to him as “our beloved physician” (Col 4:14).

The latter part of the Acts of the Apostles (beginning with 16:10) is written in the first person, suggesting that Luke accompanied Paul on some of his missionary journeys, writing of firsthand experience. Paul himself referred to Luke on several occasions, stating in one of his letters to Timothy that Luke was at that time his only companion (2 Tm 4:11).

Scholars are uncertain as to when Luke wrote his Gospel. It is commonly dated between A.D. 75-85, though some experts are convinced of an even earlier date of composition. Luke’s Gospel is a gospel of mercy; it emphasizes Jesus’ identification with the poor and the lowly, and His willingness to forgive sinners. Yet it is also a demanding gospel, for it shows that being a follower of Christ requires sacrifice and commitment.

Luke was such a faithful follower, for he used his literary talents to share the Good News of salvation.