St. Leonard of Limoges

Unfortunately, there is little reliable information about St. Leonard. Some sources state that he was a Frank courtier who was converted by St. Remigius. It is also said that he refused the offer of a see from his godfather, King Clovis I, and instead became a monk at Micy. He lived as a hermit at Limoges where he was allegedly rewarded by the king with all the land he could ride around in a day on a donkey.

Apparently the king believed that Leonard’s prayers had brought the queen and their child through a very difficult delivery safely. Leonard used the land awarded him by the king to build a monastery known as Noblac Monastery. This monastery grew into the town later known as Saint-Leonard.

Leonard remained there evangelizing the surrounding area until his death in 559.

He is the patron saint of captives.

  • Rick Lamneck

    A Votive Portrait of St Leonard de Limoges with the seal of King Louis XI of France for a secret wedding?

    Alexian Brothers “Accidental Donation”, a votive painting given to them by Louis XI of France! Comming to Sotheby’s, New York, January 31, 1473.

    This votive painting of Saint Leonard of Limoges was part of an accidental donation by the Alexian Brothers Generalate in Signal Mountain, Tennessee and should not be for sale. It is of great historical importance to the founding of the Alexian Brothers. As a historian, I feel it is very important for All Alexian Brothers to know that this painting which was lost has now been unearthed. I have spent a lot of time and means for this presentation with the intentions of getting this painting back to where it belongs.

    The painting came from their German providence, and was a personal donation to the retired Superior at the Alexian Brothers Generalate by a collateral descendant of Peter von Schaumburg, Bishop of Augsburg (1424-69). In 1998 the painting was hanging on the wall of the Superior Generals Office at the Alexian Brothers Generalate. In this same year, the Superior retired and moved to Ireland. His brother, the current Superior General succeed Him and took over his brothers office. The new Superior decided to redecorate the office and somehow this painting along with many other important historical items accidentally ended up in the donation room and then were sold at a charity auction in Tennessee. Unfortunately, this painting was believed to have been given to the founders of Alexian Brothers by Louis XI of France and represents the beginnings of their history. I purchased this painting from this charity auction. Fortunately, I am a sincere historian trying to make sure this painting makes it’s way back where it belongs. I understand that a lack of reserved funds for a auction such as Sotheby’s may be a factor for the head of archives in Chicago.

    Mistakes happen, and out of respect to the head archivist of Alexian Brothers in Chicago, I have agreed to focus the advertisement of this auction primarily to those connected with the painting and it’s history. So if you are reading this, it is not by chance.

    The painting includes a document dated October 20, 1473 and describes the history of the painting. The Nobel Friars Jacobus and Johannes seemed to have inspired some petitions made on behalf of the Poor Friars of Celle and Solomon. This painting reveals the response to these petitions; and artistically reveals the personal seal of approval of King Louis XI of France.

    If you have any questions or would like to contact me, my email is:

    Richard Lamneck

    The painting and document will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York on January 31, 2014

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