Signs and Wonders

The Holy Spirit speaks through signs and wonders.

In fact, a quick sweep through my house revealed the following signs I clearly needed to heed:

(something about being a better housekeeper…?)

(this sign is, “someone needs to closely supervise The Jude during all bathroom visits”)

(literal sign, courtesy of the nine year old:  Let’s keep the temple clean, y’all!- misplaced modifiers notwithstanding)

(this one’s easy.  67 degree weather + muddy yard = quintuple bath night.  Kids are dirty, you’d really like them clean.  Got it, Paraclete.)

But it isn’t all soapy mirrors and two hours of grooming.  Wonders appeared, too:

It may be snowed over again next week, but for today, the promise of spring was more than enough.

And the biggest wonder of all?  I got my copy of the sold out, book trailer so hot YouTube banned it, can’t wait to go read it, Sex, Style & Substance today.  A day earlier than expected!


Later, y’all.  I’ve got five kids to bathe and a book to read while doing it.

Cari Donaldson


Cari Donaldson is the author of the upcoming book Pope Awesome and Other Stories . She stepped through the looking glass when she married her high school sweetheart in a Presbyterian ceremony back in 1999. Since then, she and her husband have found themselves the parents of six children, and on the corporate gypsy trail, with transfers moving them from the Midwest to the deep South to New England. The most startling developments however, have been the conversion to Catholicism in 2006, and the discovery that blogging provides an excellent creative outlet. You can find Cari on Facebook at and Twitter at @CariDonaldson and here on Catholic Exchange.

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  • Dwija Borobia

    How did you get your copy already and I have not gotten mine?  Your email said it hadn’t even shipped yet!!!!!    Durn kuntry livin’…

  • Cari@Clan-Donaldson

    Hahaha!  I actually tipped my head back and chortled- chortled, I tell you!- with glee when it showed up in the mailbox this afternoon.

  • Colleen

    Mine’s coming on the twelfth…supposedly!!

  • Dwija Borobia

     Oh, I see how it is…