Shining Radiantly

During Jesus’ public ministry, He attracted great crowds like flecks of iron drawn to a magnet. Under the blazing heat of the sun, people waited for hours just to catch a glimpse of Him. They marveled at His deeds and clamored for His attention. Why? Was it because of His dazzling charisma and enigmatic presence? Or was it simply because He just had the right kind of things to say that always left His listeners astounded?

Maybe not. More than His undeniable appeal and commanding voice, Jesus was a man of the people. Even in the direst of circumstances, he traveled widely to help those in need, ministered publicly to give hope, and healed the sick relentlessly to ease their sufferings. His words were always accompanied by acts of caring and deep sense of compassion for others. There were no personal agendas, no hidden charges but pure and genuine service. He touched and transformed human hearts like no other. In so doing, people were drawn to His healing love and presence. In the darkness of their lives, they had seen and experienced the Great Light. The brilliance of Christ’s love had dawned on them and broke the yoke that weighed them down.

Jesus calls us every single day to do right, not just say the right words. If we want to be a people builder, we must walk the miles with a spirit of a true servant. Jesus left us a wonderful example to follow. Let us be the Light, shining radiantly for others.