Rejoice in the Thunderbolt!

Psalm 86:5

For thou, O Lord, art good and forgiving,

abounding in steadfast love to all who call on thee.

When it all comes down to it, this is the most astonishing fact about God: that he forgives and loves us.  If that seems like a commonplace, then we haven’t really encountered God.  As Peter Kreeft said long ago, that the “god” of feel-good religion should love us is a commonplace.  What else should such a simpering, nice, harmless little fellow do.  His only creed is “Niceness is Nice” so of course he “loves” us.  It’s his duty.  But that the real God loves us… that the power who hurled Andromeda and made the tiger and shatters the cedars with lightening and who was steeped in Eternity when the dinosaurs came and went like a flash in the pan… that this God loves us, forgives us, and bothers his tender head about us to the degree that he is willing to be crucified for us: that is a thunderbolt.  Rejoice in the glory and mercy of that Thunderbolt.

Mark Shea


Mark P. Shea is a Catholic author, blogger, and speaker.

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  • Arkanabar Ilarsadin


    There is no ‘e’ in “lightning!”