Radical Education Bills Advance in CA

by Rusty Pugh

(AgapePress) – A California pro-family activist calls the advancement of a pair of pro-homosexual bills through the State Legislature “an attack on parents.”

The California State Assembly Education Committee has passed two bills that further promote homosexuality and transsexuality in California schools. Campaign for California Families director Randy Thomasson says the first bill forces schools to promote homosexuality in their sports programs by adopting non-discrimination policies that support “sexual orientation,” or face the prospect of being banned from the California Interscholastic Federation.

The bill impacts all public schools as well as many private schools. SB 225 could also impact religious schools, which may have to prove their religious objections in a court of law.

“What parent wants her daughter to be in a steamy locker room, undressing alongside someone who is sexually attracted to her? What parent wants his son to be influenced by a transsexual role model?” Thomasson asks.

The second bill, SB 257, would make it illegal for any student or teacher in a California school to say anything opposing homosexuality. Thomasson says these bills have advanced because of strong Democratic support. He says Christians need to get involved.

“Christians must be involved in politics. People of faith cannot sit on the sidelines,” he says. “The homosexual activists are pushing their agenda on private schools. There’s no stopping them if people of faith will just bury their heads in the sand. People of faith must stand up, rise up, and become relevant to our political process.”

Thomasson says as Christians remain silent and do nothing, the bills continue to work their way through the Legislature. The bills are scheduled to be heard by the full State Assembly in August.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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