Pro-Family Boycott Taking Toll on Disney

by Fred Jackson and Jody Brown

(AgapePress) – News reports today say major job cuts are underway at Disney. One thousand people will apparently lose their jobs over the next several weeks.

The reports quote a company spokesman who says in addition to the 1,000 job cuts, another 3,000 Disney employees have accepted a “voluntary separation program.” It is believed Disney's theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim — along with its feature animation department — are expected to be hit the hardest. In recent weeks, Disney-owned ABC has also announced job cuts, including the elimination of its religion reporter position at ABC News.

Disney's business success has been faltering over the last few years with numerous reports indicating a major downturn in profits. The bad news at Disney has coincided with the Disney boycott announced in early 1996 by the American Family Association and then joined by other organizations such as Catholics United for the Faith, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, and the Southern Baptist Convention. They say the boycott became the only way to send a strong message to Disney that the company's increasing pro-homosexual moves and other anti-family measures are not acceptable.

In reaction to today's announced job cuts at Disney, Don Wildmon, AFA founder and president, says, “The boycott is working. When we started it, we said it would take a few years to show some fruit, and I think that is the case [here].”

“It's amazing what can happen — and what would happen — if Christians put morals before money,” Wildmon says.

Wildmon and AFA show no signs of easing up on the boycott. “Disney hasn't changed its ways, and AFA remains firmly opposed to what the company has been doing since the mid-1990s,” Wildmon recently told AFA Journal. “So until we see a fair amount of change, or until we find a more effective way to raise these important issues, then AFA remains committed to raising them through the Disney boycott.”

The Journal points out the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights actually called for a Disney boycott earlier than AFA, in 1995.

WalMart Sticks With Online Mall Supporting Christian Groups

y Allie Martin

(AgapePress) – The nation's largest retailer is continuing its partnership with an online shopping mall that gives part of its profits back to Christian organizations.

Officials with the California-based have announced that they are an affiliate of the Dallas-based was targeted by thousands of Internet users who are upset that gives money to the American Family Association, a pro-family organization based in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Gary Sutton is president of He believes the decision for to remain with despite the Internet-based protest was made at a high level.

“I was speaking to the … secretary to the president of, so I have to think [the decision] went to a high level,” Sutton says. “Honestly, I think what happened was somebody took a look at the situation finally and said, 'Hey … WalMart is really about families.”

Last month, retailers J.C. Penney and Nordstrom severed ties with Both decisions were made as thousands of subscribers to sex clubs on the Internet portal Yahoo! conducted an e-mail campaign against for its association with the American Family Association.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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