Placental Stem Cells Can Cure Disease

NEWCASTLE, UK – Three-year-old Tom Stretch who suffered from an inherited defect of the white blood cells known as chronic granulomatous disease was already beginning to show signs – serious pneumonia and inflammation of the bowel – of deterioration from his disorder which would lead to his death in his 20s. However thanks to the stem cells taken from the placenta of his newborn sister Hannah, Tom is cured of his affliction.

The Telegraph reported on September 18 that doctors at Newcastle upon Tyne General Hospital successfully treated Tom with his sister's placental stem cells. Hannah's tissue was a perfect match for her brother. Mrs. Stretch, 33, was 20 weeks pregnant with Hannah when Tom was diagnosed. She was warned that there was 50/50 chance that Hannah too could be born with the same condition. She chose to have Hannah and her decision for life was blessed with a cure for Tom. “The chances were stacked against us because I am a carrier and we thought Hannah would be too. Hannah was a gift, just by arriving in the world she has helped to save the life of her brother. They will always have that bond between them,” said Mrs. Stretch.

(This update courtesy of LifeSite News.)

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