People Full of Courage

In the first reading, the Acts of the Apostles, we read about the
miraculous deliverance of Paul and Silas from prison. What is most
striking is the conversion of the jailer and his family, one of the
greatest miracles is that of faith. When a person is infused with the
divine knowledge and inspired to believe in God, it becomes truly awe-
inspiring because the gift of faith comes from above. The apostles
were the instruments through whom God converted a multitude of people.
The Church started to grow in the primitive church and has not stopped
growing ever since. We are part of God’s kingdom.

Jesus inaugurated the kingdom of God here on earth. It is said in the
Gospel, that the prince of this world has been over thrown. But his
followers continue to try to mislead men, bringing them to perdition.
We must, therefore, like Paul and Silas, be people full of courage and
faith, never ceasing to proclaim the Good News and overcome
challenges. If the Lord is with us, what should we fear?