Obama-Praised Gay Activist Says God is a “Sinful Homophobic Bigot”

Frank Kameny, a “pioneering” homosexual activist who was honored by President Obama and his administration, says the God of the Bible is a “sinful homophobic bigot” who needs to “repent of his sinful homophobia.”

Kameny made the assertions about the Judeo-Christian God in a letter to Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, October 13, 2009:

“Your God of Leviticus (and of the whole Bible) is clearly a sinful homophobic bigot.  He should repent of his sinful homophobia.  He should atone for that sin. And he should seek forgiveness for the pain and suffering which his sinful homophobia has needlessly inflicted upon gay people for the past 4000 years.” wrote Kameny to LaBarbera. “It is not homosexuality which is always wrong, immoral, and sinful.   It is homophobia, including the homophobia of your god himself which is wrong, immoral, and sinful.  And so your god is a sinner….”

An astronomer who was fired from his federal government job in 1957 due to his homosexuality, Kameny led the first public homosexual protest in America (over his firing), in 1965. Kameny, who gained notoriety with his aggressive, counter-cultural slogan “Gay is Good,” was a leader of the organized homosexual activist campaign to pressure the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders (which succeeded when the APA capitulated in 1973).

On June 17, 2009, Kameny received the official White House pen from President Obama in a White House signing ceremony enacting Obama’s executive order providing domestic partner benefits for certain federal employees.

Later, at a June 29 White House speech honoring “gay pride month,” President Obama praised Kameny, saying, “we are proud of you, Frank, and we are grateful to you for your leadership.”

Kameny was also honored by John Berry, Obama’s openly homosexual Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), in a special ceremony June 24, 2009 sponsored by the OPM “gay” employees organization. There, Kameny received the Theodore Roosevelt Award, the OPM’s highest honor, “For More Than a Half-Century of Leadership in the Struggle for Civil Rights.” Berry also issued a formal U.S. government apology to Kameny for his firing over 50 years ago.

Responding to Kameny’s letter asserting that God needs to repent, AFTAH’s LaBarbera said:

“Of course Frank Kameny’s outrageous statements about God are completely backwards: it is Frank who is the stubborn sinner who needs to repent. Thankfully, it is never too late for sinners to turn away from their sins and humbly accept God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

“However, in one sense at least Kameny is forthright about how his homosexuality-celebrating ideology stands diametrically opposed to God’s plan for mankind, as revealed in the Bible. Unfortunately for Frank, he has no authority to judge sin and morality; that is the province of Almighty God alone.”

To see the e-mail letter was sent by Kameny to Americans For Truth on October 13, 2009 click here.

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  • Warren Jewell

    There is something absurd and nearly hilarious that any person who in overweening concupiscent immaturity defines himself by his (mis)use of his genitalia and warped, disordered and maybe even corrupt psyche and spirit indicting the Almighty by the pathetic human’s supposed ‘standards’.

    For the record: the APA leader who was most influential at pushing homosexuality as ‘normal’ has since repented and decided he was wrong. I can’t find the reference because I read it years ago now; and, of course, as an elite-unpopular recanting, and homosexuality having become a long-term MSM fad to be promoted and not questioned, I have seen no reference since.

    I know to love those who claim to be homosexual, but it would be easier if their Moms wiped their noses and dressed out their noisy speech better.

  • Love and affection can be very, very different things, Warren.

    Affection is to have and display warm and friendly feelings.

    Love is to seek to obtain and provide for the beloved that which is most authentically good for them.

    In Frank Kameny’s case, I’d say that is humility and flight from sin. The only way we can hope to provide it for him is to pray, pray, pray!