Now You Can Literally Rest on His Word

Sally Strle, had often petitioned God for guidance about starting a home business. She especially wanted something that would make use of her interest in sewing and that would allow her to spread the Catholic faith.

When the idea came to her of creating a line of pillowcases imprinted with images and prayers – like lovely holy cards you can lay your head on – she felt her payers were answered. Rest On His Word was born in her imagination. But it would take more than a good idea for this grandmother, active in volunteer work but without any business experience, to bring the plan to life.

Sally turned for help and support to her sister Barbara Johnston, who could validate what a great idea it was and express her willingness to help, but who, like Sally, was also without business experience. Combining their prayers for help and guidance about this new venture, the two sisters set about searching for just the right art, scripture and prayer combinations, from their abundance of Catholic resources and on the Internet. They felt all along that they were being led to the right people for help.

After investigating a variety of printing options, the sisters chose a printing company in Minnesota that handles large printing projects such as logos or slogans for hats, jackets and shirts for businesses, but which also takes on small projects such as an order of merely a dozen or two. They needed this flexibility, especially at the beginning, but even more important was the fact that company had the latest in digital technology for the best possible print.

Hail Mary PillowcaseWith help from family, their business began to take shape. Their brother, Rick, a graphic artist, lent a hand by helping to get the images printer-ready. Their niece, Robin, who was working in ad production, designed their brochure. Even though they live in different cities many miles away, two other sisters, Peggy and Bonnie, helped them with their first preparation and packaging tasks. They would take turns ironing the pillow cases, cutting the ribbons used to tie them, and folding them into an attractive package, all the while talking, laughing and, of course, praying. They have since hired others to do this time consuming work as their initial print runs of a dozen or two have now grown to hundreds of prints per order.

Their professional debut was at the Marian Eucharistic Congress in St. Paul in October 2005. The beautiful pillowcases attracted a lot of attention and reception of their product was "beyond their wildest dreams.'' They brought them to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage trip last October and gave them to Fr. Jozo's orphanage among other places in the village.

Rest On His Word also attends religious conventions, such as the large Fargo, North Dakota, Marion Eucharistic Congress and University events. Their pillowcases are available at Catholic bookstores, making a unique gift. Parishes and Catholic schools appreciate the fund-raising value of this truly Catholic product.

Love for God and our Catholic Faith shines through in all 30 of the designs, each selected for transmitting the Word of God to all who use them. What could be more comforting than to rest your head on a pillowcase imprinted with beautiful and inspiring antique holy art along with passages from Sacred Scripture or prayers such as the Divine Mercy Prayer, the Guardian Angel Prayer or the Act of Contrition? Consider how these beautiful designs from the rich heritage of sacred art might inspire interest in learning more about our heritage of faith. They are gentle teachers for young children to learn their prayers and for the whole family to practice their faith.

The pillow cases are manufactured from high-quality fabric. They are printed with the latest technology in digital printing so they may be washed over and over again and retain the same high-quality image. You may even iron right over the image as the ink is printed into the cloth.

Please visit for more information about this unique Catholic business.

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