More on Saving Money on Postage

This is a follow-up to Lisa Hendey's blog post on using media mail to save money on postage. Even if all you usually mail are cards and letters, there are some easy tips for saving on postage from home.

Think about how many times you are mailing something from home and you know that it has more than one stamp's worth of weight to it, but not exactly how much more. So you slap one or two extra stamps on it to "be safe." But with the cost of two stamps edging toward a dollar that is really a waste.

You can get a small letter scale that goes up to 2lbs for less than 10 dollars from an office supply store. And you can get stamps in multiple denominations from the post office. While the first ounce of a first-class letter costs 41 cents, the 2nd and 3rd ounces only cost 17 cents! Slapping three 41 cent stamps on a 3 ounce letter wastes seventy-five cents. So you can see why getting a letter scale and a page of 17 cent stamps can very quickly pay for itself and start saving you money.

To calculate postage go here and stop giving money away to the Post Office.

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