Man Claiming to Be a Woman Sues Maltese Authorities for Refusing Same-sex “Marriage”

A Maltese man who has undergone “gender reassignment surgery” is taking Maltese authorities to court in an attempt to force them to issue him and his partner marriage banns.The homosexual news source, Pink News, reports that Joanne Cassar is claiming his fundamental human rights are being compromised by the Public Registry’s decision not to allow the two men to “marry.”

In 2007, shortly after Cassar obtained the court order instructing the Public Registry to change his name from Joseph to Joanne and his gender from male to female on his birth certificate, Cassar also obtained another court order instructing Public Registry director Anthony Geraldi to issue the marriage banns.

Geraldi, however, went to the appeals court which overturned the original court ruling, upholding the director’s claim that Cassar’s birth certificate changes were only permitted to protect his privacy and that his surgery was cosmetic.

Given this ruling and the fact that homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” are illegal in Malta, Cassar was denied the marriage banns. 

Despite the court’s decision, Cassar still feels his fundamental human rights have been breached and is going to court again over the matter.  According to, Cassar claims he has been subjected to inhumane treatment because of Malta’s lack of laws addressing the “right” of a “new sex” to “marry.”

While Malta is the smallest country in the EU in terms of both population and land size, it has continually and vigorously defied pressure from the EU and other homosexualist groups in favor of upholding its strong Roman Catholic values and tradition.

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  • momof11

    DNA, not visible body parts, manner of dress or presence of “female” hormones (due to injection or body malfunction) determine sex. How would an archaeologist determine his sex in 100 years? Check the DNA! No amount of surgery or medical treatments can change a person’s sex from that which was given to them by God at the moment of conception. Once again the choice comes down to the choice to accept or reject what God has given. As with abortion and all choices we make we are choosing God or choosing to reject him for the the false happiness we perceive will be ours if only we reject what he has give and grab for the power to become like Him. Of course the only way to become like God is to become one with him. True freedom is being able and choosing to do that which will bring about our union with God, eternal happiness and true and lasting satisfaction of that which we truly desire.

  • Pray for Malta’s leaders, and those in the rest of the EU that beleaguer them with demands for bad laws.