Listen and Understand

To have all the five senses is truly a blessing. We interact with the world around us through what we see, what we hear, what we touch, what we smell, what we taste. Without any one of these human sensors, we’d be missing out on what’s out there. However, people with disabilities and those who possess a physical deficiency still manage to function in society. That is pretty admirable. But, to those who are unable to listen to Mozart because of their disability, they may be curious to know how it sounds. The visual representations of the music as interpreted on a computer screen may help in some way towards appreciating music. Similarly, anyone who have never seen a sunset on a beach, would probably take the trouble to experience that daily miraculous light show for themselves, even just to feel the heat of day subtly turn into the cold of night.

Jesus is pleading with us to listen and understand. Today’s readings may be complex, but he doesn’t radically divert from what was prophesied by Elijah and John the Baptist. He reinforces what they’ve preached.

Having hearing and comprehension is a grace. But, if we choose to remain spiritually deaf and dumb to the Good News, we would be missing out on God’s simple, yet profound, message of hope and love for us all.