Jesus Wants Gays to Be Happy

Recently, Piers Morgan interviewed Kirk Cameron, asking what he would tell his teenage son if the boy were to confess he was gay.

Piers Morgan Morgan promptly volunteered his own response.  “I would say, ‘That’s great son. Just so long as you are happy.”

Cameron did better than most in defending his view that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman.  He did not, though, address what was uppermost in Piers Morgan’s mind: the question of the individual’s happiness.

As Catholics and Christians we undermine the faith when we fail to address the legitimate concern for the individual that has motivated so many to accept gay marriage.  “What would you say to your son?”  We hardly ever answer that question directly, but begin sputtering.

Then we usually speak in abstract terms about the created order—men and women were made for each other; next, the historical reality of marriage as a bulwark of civilization; and finally we cite the teaching of the Church that homosexuality is “an inherently disordered condition.”  That’s all true, but it sounds like an excuse for  denying a young man or woman sexual pleasure and comfort.  Food. water, sleep, and sex are the four things all humans naturally crave.

Think about being a boy or girl in early adolescence  realizing that he or she is attracted to the same sex.  Life just became much more difficult than it might have been.  Whether this came about through a genetic disposition, a skewed process of character formation, trauma, or for reasons unknown, that hardly matters.  That young person is now faced with having to deal with sexuality in ways that are more difficult than his heterosexual peers.

Gay activists want us to believe that the only reason a gay person experiences awakening to same sex attraction as difficult is because of societal prejudice.  If we can create a culture in which homosexuality is seen as just another way of seeking and finding love, then the challenges associated with homosexuality will disappear.

Unfortunately, if what the Scriptures and the great tradition of our faith reveals is true, the utopian future envision by the homosexual community’s agenda can never come into being.  Even if we all close our eyes, cover our ears, and like the Seinfeld characters shout at the top of our lungs, “There’s nothing wrong with it!” it’s not going to happen.  The witness of the image of God in which every person is made will declare to those with same sex attraction that they do suffer from “an inherently disordered condition,” just as we all know when something about us isn’t right.  Homosexual relationships declare, “We were made for each other!” but that, in the nature of the case, is untrue.

The voice of conscience can be silenced, of course, through repeated betrayals.  It’s possible to establish a “new normal,” at least in the sense of no longer experiencing guilt.  This doesn’t mean we have triumphed over conscience; it means we are living in despair.

Because of this, we have to begin the conversation with a person awakening to same sex attraction by saying, “Jesus wants you to be happy.  He knows that you are already elated as well as bewildered by what you are feeling.  That you are wondering what, if anything, is wrong with you.  That you may well be angry about having these feelings, and their consequences, whether you choose to act on them or not.  Christianity asks that you renounce the sexual pleasure to which you are attracted.  This is a harsh discipline, and it may mean living without the pleasures and comforts of marital love.  That’s the bad news; and it really is bad news.”

“With God’s grace, however, you can find the life God wants you to live and has, indeed, prepared for you.  Because what God reveals to us about how to live is always in each person’s best interest.  It is a prescription for happiness, not misery.  It is a pathway to the fulfillment of your humanity, not its negation.  That is the good news of Christianity and it is as much for you as anyone else.  Whatever renunciation you are called upon to practice, you will be repaid with joy.”   (As testimony to this, see the great article, “The Truth about Same Sex Attraction,” by Steve Gershom.)

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  • Chrism

    WOW!!  Thank you so much for tackling this very difficult issue.  We have to respond in love, and cover all of our truth in love, keep loving, and keep speaking truth.  And pray.  And pray. And pray. 

  • Joeski5651

    Should “chaste” be used instead of ” celibate”?
    We are all called to live chaste lives but those who are clerics take
    the vow of celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom.

  • brnwyn

    What did Kirk Cameron say to Piers Morgan?

  • abel

    Mr Fickett misses one important downside of the active homosexual lifestyle,namely a greater incidence of suicide.

  • Harold Fickett

     Good suggestion.  I’ve amended the article accordingly. 

  • Akerslovinme

    Yes, happy, but not to act on their feeling. That would be contradicting His own commandment?

  • Dean baldwin

    As parents of a 45-year old son who has SSA (Same-sex-attraction), he is not truly happy…no deep joy.  COURAGE is a group within the Church that can help those with SSA through prayer, use of the Sacraments and small groups.  They do not ask them to change, but to live a celebate life.  St. Thomas Acquinas wrote something very helpful to parents and family members who have a “zeal” for the truth:  “Good zeal is a fevor of spirit…one is on fire for the defense of the truth.  He is comsumed by it who takes steps to correct any perversity he sees; AND IF HE CANNOT, HE TOLERATES IT WITH SADNESS”.

  • dmci07

    First I want to share that I believe that marriage is between a a man and a woman and that is what God had intended from the beginning of creation. Where I am struggling right now is if we believe that God created us all with a specific purpose in mind (and I do believe that) who are we to say that He did not intend for some people to be homosexual as part of His plan? My long winded point here is that we are men and women interpreting what God intended through Scripture and based on what we are taught as part of the Catholic Church but the reality is God may have other intentions that we are not aware of, or have not been revealed to us as yet. I really believe when we tackle discussions like this one we should always consider that God is always a step or two ahead of us has a purpose for everything He does and for everyone. Just something to consider.

  • Harold Fickett

     Joe, married couples who are true to their vows are “chaste.”  Chastity means the avoidance of immoral sexual actions–not, for the married, sexual abstinence.  Anyone who deliberately practices sexual abstinence, whether religious or lay, can lay claim to the word “celibate.” 

  • Gordon

    I agree Chrism, Mr Fickett has again spoke with kindness and compassion in a difficult area.  I am so dismayed with the strident tones used by both left and right to discuss ( argue ) current issues.  

  • anne

    You do realize that this is because there are organizations and people who teach them that they are “disordered”, correct? Not becasue they are “active”.  There are just as many closeted gay men and women who commit suicide as well.

  • Harold Fickett

     Alas, Anne, no one has to teach someone suffering from same sex attraction that his or her sexuality is disordered.  The image of God in which they are made declares this.  That’s the point, and not just mine but St. Paul’s in Romans–unmistakably so.  The gay community likes to believe otherwise, of course, and wants society at large to join in the pretending.  Catholic teaching refuses to be complicit in this lie.  I wish you were right, but our faith AND the empirical evidence says otherwise. 

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    I’ll be right back.  Going to the toilet to puke. 

  • Bembo

    I believe in the disordered condition of catholicism. People who choose to be associated with the collective lie that is catholicism are deluded. How can they claim they’re being persecuted, when they are the ones responsible for their own predicament. After all they can change, and abandon the catholic lifestyle. If they don’t its their own fault.

  • Lalo Aprender

    The state cannot grant a right not given by God, because God is the source of rights, not the state.

    Frighteningly dumb.

  • James H, London

    I don’t think God micro-manages. If He did, there’d be a lot less free will, and our love for him (such as it is) would be diminished.

    One of the prime examples of this is when something goes wrong. If a baby is born with a cleft palate, or a teen develops schizophrenia, or someone suffers from SSA, well, that’s the problem with our ancestors wanting to ‘be like God’ and go their own way. The whole of creation was disordered to some extent by our rebellion, and that disorder expresses itself in, well, disorder.

    God’s purpose has been clearly revealed. Accepting a disordered appetite, and insisting that there’s nothing wrong with it, doesn’t fulfill that purpose, but drags others down into it.

  • James H, London

    OK, so what parts of Catholicism are disordered?

    If you think homosex is fulfilling the design spec for man, please go ahead and show us. Proctology, gynaecology and Anatomy 101 should be helpful here. Or perhaps not.

  • James H, London

    Not if acting on his feelings decreases his lifespan, increases his chance of psychiatric problems, etc.

  • James H, London

    There are at least as many organisations and people, not to mention the whole of the Infotainment media, who are continuously affirming gay people, telling them they’re OK.

    If your conscience is bugging you, no amount of affirmation will shut it up.

  • Bembo

    Catholicism is a collective delusion. It’s a mental disorder. For some people we should think about getting them psicological help so they can leave the catholic lifestyle, and start engaging in reality once again. For others, who are more reluctant and prone to criminal behaviour, there are no magic solutions. Internment in some institution comes to mind. This way we can protect society from their crimes.

  • Michelle Marie Allen

    A baby born with a cleft palate or a teenager “developing” schizophrenia(physical) have NO reason to be in the discussion of SSA(psychological) other than that they are ALL “a cross to bear”.Physical defects  are a result of genetic anomalies which cannot be “controlled” except by medications and surgery. These are physical differences, and yes schizophrenia is a physical illness(faulty neurotransmitters in brain realeasing TOO much dopamine).

    John 9:2
    And his disciples asked him, saying, Rabbi, who sinned, this man, or his parents, that he should be born blind?
    John 9:3
    Jesus answered, Neither did this man sin, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

    Psychologolical and/or physical “crosses”, either are NOT the results of our ancestors wanting to be “like God” !

  • Editor

    You misspelled “psychological” and revealed yourself to be a goose-stepping proponent of coercion and totalitarianism, and yet on this Catholic site your comments are allowed in the name of genuine, free dialogue. Is this a great website or what?

  • Harold Fickett

     Michelle, Christianity teaches that nature (including the way baby’s are born with birth defects, etc.) was corrupted by the sin of our first parents, Adam and Eve. 

    If that’s not true, then is God the author of birth anomalies, schizophrenia, etc.?  If God is the author of these evils, why should God be worshiped? 

    Or, if physical forces operate independently of God’s design, how can God be the creator of the universe and shape everything according to God’s sovereign will? 

    Understanding the chemical processes involved in illness and psychological disorder says nothing about its ultimate cause. In the incident in the Gospel above, Jesus exempts the man himself and his family from being the direct cause of his disease.  He never says or even insinuates that disease itself is not an evil.  Rather, his curing of disease is a sign of God’s ultimate sovereignty over the physical universe and God’s will to redeem the earth from its corruption by evil. 

  • Peterboston

    The Commandment does not say “Thou shall not covet your neighbors wife – unless you were born with an inclination to do so.”

    Reasonable people can feel compassion for those with homosexual tendencies as it probably does make life more difficult, but compassion does not trump the proper order, Others have strong tendencies to molest children, even their own. Would the fact that they may also feel discriminated against for acting out their tendencies make it OK?

    Being a human person in the Christian tradition is not centered on personal pleasure or even personal needs. We have an obligation to others in our family and in our community    to conduct our affairs in a way that promotes the proper order even when that is not the best thing possible for our own psychological and physical well-being.. 

    Those aren’t my rules. They were made and confirmed to be true through the lives of hundreds and hundreds of generations.

  • dmci07

    For what it is worth there have been many times in my life where i thought i “got it” and understood what God’s intentions were only to realize later God had moved the goalposts on me and there was more to the message. I think that we set ourselves up for trouble when we believe we have clarity around God’s intentions and that is why i made my initial comment. with all due respect I will take exception to your comment around a “disordered appetite”. That sounds a little too judgmental for my taste. I believe we are asked to accept people for who they are and to love them like Jesus does. I believe we should leave the judging to Jesus.

  • dmci07

    One other comment. There have been a number of posts in this thread around the psychological and physical issues related to homosexuality and the high incidents of suicide. I would argue that when we attribute people’s behavior to a disorder that we certainly do nothing to help them. Many people are fragile to start with so it is not out of the realm of possibility that reinforcing their “disorder” may be a cause/contributor to these issues. Considering what society has to say about Catholics i believe we should be a little more sensitive in how we speak of others. 

  • pnyikos

     Did you realize, Bembo, that your last three sentences had nothing to do with the first three?  They apply to any human being, equally. 

  • Michelle Marie Allen

    With all due respect Mr. Fickett, you indeed bring up a valid point. I never knew that “original” sin would leave such a terrible legacy. I am still confused though. In the CCC 1263, it states that all sins, original and personal, are “forgiven” as well as punishments for these sins.

    Then CCC 1264 states that certain “temporal” consequences of sin remain as evidenced by illness, weakness of character etc.

    If original sin, being forgiven by Baptism can also “forgive punishments” by said original sin, why are certain “temporal” consequences allowed to remain ? That is an answer I know you cannot give me, but my heart still felt the need to voice.

    I am truly confused. Is this why mankind really has no physical hope for solace and relief from “temporal” consequences and anything to do with palliative medical intervention should be abandoned as to fulfill the “temporal” consequences ? I do believe that the Glory of God is Merciful and that “With God all things are possible.” Luke 1:37

    I guess in my confusion, I am envisioning the parents of a newborn with “birth defects” and seeing their grief. I am also seeing parents witnessing their child’s battle with schizophrenia. That is why I cited John 9: 2-3. But I am surmising that by CCC1264, the “suffering” was bound to happen, Baptism or not. But with Baptism, we can turn to God and grieve and obtain spiritual comfort.

    My heart is very heavy with sadness right now, not for myself (although I too have an illness which is very stigmatized) but for those who are also suffering with these physical/psychological conditions marked by society as rendering them burdens,less than perfect. Maybe that is why abortion and eugenics seem to go hand in hand.

    Thank you for your wisdom.

  • Harold Fickett

     Michelle, thanks for following up and your comments, which are thoughtful and appreciated.  The sacrifice of Christ provided the  means of forgiving all sins–the reconciliation of God with all those men and women who are willing to accept such forgiveness.  It did not, however, immediately reclaim the entire world for God, as that will only happen with Christ’s second coming and the general Resurrection. (“I look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.”)  In Christ’s resurrected body we see the form of existence we shall enjoy one day.  Until that time, as St. Paul writes, “the creation GROANS to enjoy the marvelous freedom of the children of God.”  The curse that came upon nature as the result of original sin endures and Satan still remains the “Prince of this world.”  Satan works through personal forces, deliberate evil acts, and he also works through what we sometimes mistakenly think of as the “impersonal” forces of disease and natural disaster.  God is not the author of these things. They would not be in our world but for sin. 

    I suffer as well from a potentially stigmatizing condition.  There are two aspects of this.  I was happy to have this condition labeled a “disorder” by my doctors and have its dimensions and ameliorative treatments explained.  That has allowed me to cope with it successfully for many years now.  No one would have done me any favors by pretending what was going on with me wasn’t.  That would have been crazy-making. 

    On the other hand, when people don’t understand what I go through they can sometimes say inadvertently hurtful and shaming things.  That’s not a lot of fun.  That’s part of why I believe, from personal experience, that charity demands both realism and also pastoral concern. 

    God bless. 

    Your comments lead me to believe we should run a series on the problem of evil.  In my experience, every time a priest gets close to the topic, he backs away as if it were too grand a subject for a homily.  If not then, when?  

  • J.

    Those who are attracted to the opposite sex must also remain celibate unless joined in Holy Matrimony. This seems to be a point that is missed constantly. If the Church had been more vigorous in preaching against sex outside of marriage, the homosexual agenda would not have been able to advance to the extent that it has advanced.

  • Pirate Wench

    Can someone please point out the bible passage to me where Jesus Christ said to love our neighbors unless they were gay? And I know it’s in a totally different part of the New Testament where he said that Representatives of His Church should feel free to rape as many children under their guidance as they feel fit. Oh yeah, Last part in the Bible I can’t find : Where it tells Catholics that they have the RIGHT to tell anyone to do ANYTHING before they get their own house in order…

    Just saying.

  • chaco

    Thanks Mr. Fickett,  In your response to Michelle , you pointed out how Satan remains the “Prince of this World”. I like to balance that perspective with; “…now the ruler of this World will be cast out.” (Jn. 12: 31). I phrase it as; “The war” is already won, we just need to Stomp Out some of the remaining “Brush Fires”. Our efforts against evil remain but with a “NEW TWIST”; By becoming like us (fully human while retaining his Divinity) Jesus SANCTIFIED  our trials as well as our Joys & works( see Psalm 51: 17 KJV) . I call them J.W.T. s.   He thereby enhanced our life experiences (“My Spirit/Joy is perfected through trial”  2Cor. 12: 9). Much like an athelete reaching a higher level of satisfaction / fulfillment through practice. Catholic Eucharistic  meaning of offerring our JWTs in union with Jesus’ offerring of his (see Col. 1: 24) embodies this NEW TWIST.  After conversion/confession, our sin can no longer do harm. Rather, it only brings Glory to God’s Divine Mercy.  [Remember the 50's song ? ; "C'mon baby, let's do the Twist !" ] 

  • Editor

    I’d like to give an attempt at a serious reply. First: the
    Bible is clear that homosexual acts are evil—the acts. People are not to be
    hated, nor can a homosexual be blamed for experiencing a homosexual attraction
    that is out of his control. The Catholic Church teaches all of this. Secondly,
    I think it is mind-boggling that you characterize any criticism of a homosexual
    lifestyle as hateful, and yet you have no trouble at all making hateful,
    ridiculous bigoted statements about priests and bishops. Is dignity and justice
    owed to everybody in the human race, or only to your own personal pet groups, like
    homosexuals, excluding others (like priests and bishops)? Finally, it is the
    Church’s duty to tell the world where it is going astray—it doesn’t matter if
    some members aren’t living perfect lives. That’s because the truth being
    expressed in the Church’s moral teachings come from God and not from people,
    and so they are true in or out of season, whether you happen to like them or

  • Timothy Lehmann

    Harold starts with this; “If we can create a culture in which homosexuality is seen as just another way of seeking and finding love, then the challenges associated with homosexuality will disappear” Then goes here; “The ultimate misery of homosexuality is, in fact, what every longitudinal study reveals.  An active homosexual life most often results in shortened life span, prevalence of disease, drug and alcohol abuse, and relationships that are brief and emotionally hurtful, with little hope of fidelity, and a high occurrence of violent abuse.  The chances of a person committing suicide are also greatly increased.” Logic would conclude the lack of the former would significantly contribute to the latter…. not that the latter is always a forgone conclusion as harlod seem to be suggesting. 

  • Harold Fickett

    This would be clearer Timothy if you had understood that the first statement, “If we can create..” is my paraphrase of the gay community’s position–not my own. Otherwise, as you note, the latter statement becomes a non sequitor.

  • Cantante44

    If I may, I’d like to weigh in.

    I know quite a few people who struggle with SSA. Some of them are Christian and wishing to struggle with it by accepting the message of abstinence. They also pray for healing. A couple of them have healed to a great extent and have gotten married and experienced deep, fulfilling relationships. How that happened I won’t go into detail, but I will say that it was the fruit of deep honesty, transparency and prayer. They were willing to go to the root of themselves and admit their deepest needs.

    I also know

  • Cantante44

    I also know many who have no interest in Christianity or abstinence. They’re not closeted. They still struggle.

    Something to think about as to why they might be struggling (and it doesn’t have to do with societal pressure). I know for myself that sex is a deeply personal thing. It affects my mental and emotional well- being. I know this because I used to be more sexually active. As a younger single person, one could say I was a bit promiscuous. I am catholic. I know the rules. I actually “enjoyed” myself on one level. However, on another level I didn’t. And it’s not because I had it in my head that I “shouldn’t”.

  • Cantante44

    I’ll explain why I still “struggled”. It does have to do with ultimate happiness.

    I know for me…. When I would have sex with someone with whom there were no guarantees, with whom I KNEW may or may not be there in a week, a month… A year or two years time…. It can arouse tremendous insecurity. You drag that type of insecurity out for long periods of time and it can debilitate you psychologically, it can lend itself to being suicidal. It has to do with self worth. Usually, as human beings we express who we ARE and our vulnerabilities on a deeper level through sex.

    SSA, generally hr

  • Cantante44

    SSA breeds a certain kind of lifestyle. That lifestyle is built on emotions which by its nature is uncertain. Emotions change. They’re built for change. So if you base your happiness on what you feel and what you feel is always changing then what do you have to lean on??? Nothing. And ” nothing” breeds insecurity and insecurity breeds depression and depression can lead to suicide. Something to think about for those who think there’s nothing wrong with same sex attraction, and that those who have a problem with it are ” anti- happiness”. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

  • Matt B

    Harold, while you start out well, you completely miss the point.  There are many profitable, healthy and challenging “lifestyles” that do not revolve around seeking sexual gratification.  I wonder how many children and teens would embrace continence if they were not pressured in so many ways to engage in sexual activity.  This is the real normalization I would like to see.  Why do we accept that hyper-sexualization is the norm?  It clearly is not.  But this is just another example of the abuse we subject children to for the gratification of our own adult vanities.  Thanks!

  • Matt B

    Can anybody called “pirate wench” really have anything personal in order?

  • Matt B

    “Frighteningly dumb:” frighteningly dumb.

  • Matt B

    Really, stay there – you might find something interesting to read, or eat!

  • Veronica

    I believe the point Harold made is  that by renouncing the awakening attraction to  sexual pleasure and following God’s plan you will find fulfillment. This would apply the same in a case of a person awakening to hertosexual attraction.
     God’s plan is the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. In His Divine Providence God has planned for each and every one of us before He formed us in the womb. The Church does teach that marriage is between a man and a woman. God loves all people and wants what is best for us.  People have free will to choose God’s way, or not. 

  • Ronk

    When a person has a disorder (of any kind), telling him he does NOT have a disorder is not helping him, it’s hurting him, and makes suicide more likely.

    Statistics priove that even in the most “gay-friendly” societies, the suicide rate of homosexuals is far higher than the average. And that the suicide rate is much higher for practising homosexuals than for chaste homosexuals.

  • Pargontwin

    Sexual activity, in modern society, seems to be REQUIRED in all relationships, homo- or heterosexual.  If you remain celibate, you are almost always accused of “being gay,” whether or not you actually are.  My brother had his life literally ruined by friends who, in order to “prove” whether or not he was gay, set him up on a blind date with a girl who was known as “the whore of x,” x standing for the name of the neighborhood where we lived.  If he didn’t sleep with her, they said, then that was proof he was gay.  They even took bets on it!  It backfired:  He didn’t sleep with her that night, but he did fall in love with her and eventually married her.  He learned about the bet years later, after the marriage fell apart due to her infidelity.  An annulment was granted, and he eventually remarried; however, to this day he is still haunted by that earlier fiasco, and everything his current wife does is colored, in his eyes, by that experience.  Fortunately, she is an understanding woman and tolerates this; otherwise, I shudder to think of the even worse mess my brother’s life could have become.

    Because of today’s obsession with sex, what everyone forgets when you tell someone with SSA that he/she must remain celibate, is that that is true of EVERYONE who is not married.  You are so right when you point out that celibacy and virginity are regarded as diseases; “There’s a cure for that” is an almost knee-jerk response when you mention either.  I remain unmarried to this day simply because every boyfriend was convinced that my celibacy meant I wasn’t truly committed to him.  I completely gave up on the dating scene thirty years ago, not in despair, but in the growing conviction that I was called to the single life.  Ironically, my brothers, including the one who suffered the ruined marriage, are convinced that I am gay because I am no longer seeking a husband, and, worse, because I have been sharing a home with my best friend for the past twenty-five years.  

    My conclusion is that the so-called “sexual revolution” of the sixties did no one any favors.

  • dmci07

    when someone is diagnosed with a disorder by a competent medical professional being honest with the patient is the right thing and the only thing to do. what i am objecting to in these comments is what i feel is a very hard line and judgmental stance by many of the people posting comments. John 13:34 – ”
    I give you a new commandment:* love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” – Jesus reached out to those that were shunned by society or those referred to by the Pharisees as “sinners” – tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, and i am sure there were homosexuals that were put in that same bucket. Jesus loves us all and asks us to love each other as He loves us. I am struggling with how characterizing someone’s lifestyle as “disordered” is a loving statement. 

  • Stutmnn9

    It seems that this subject is one that is considered not fit for addressing at the pulpit, as many clergymen are uncomfortable speaking on such matters.  Henceforth, the faithful have not heard the truth, and cannot/ do not adhere to it as a result. Sexual sin is purvasive in our culture, and our church needs to address it because it is a matter of the soul.  Our Blessed Mother said at Fatima that more people go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than any other sin.  I fear this fact has not changed!  It MUST be addressed at the pulpit!

  • Stutmann9

    Celibacy is renouncing sexual relations.  This is precisely what must be done to avoid the consequence of Hell if you are unmarried. Perhaps the word celibate is scary because it means having to do without, but if the person who suffers from same-sex attraction sees it as a vow to consecrate their sexualtiy to God rather than give in to their desires, it may help them.

  • Stutmann9

    In support of what Mr. London has said, in the Book of Genesis, it is all outlined for us by God.  Genesis 1:27, 28, “God created man in his image; in the divine image He created him; male and female he created them.  God blessed them, saying “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.” 

    By the laws of nature we know for a fact that it is naturally impossible to reproduce with two men or two women.  In the story of Noah’s Ark, it is the same.  God required Noah to gather two of every species, male and female, into the Ark, so that they may multiply and preserve their kind.  How many more examples in God’s Word are to be ignored before the truth is acknowledged!  MALE and FEMALE he created them.  He did not create Adam and STEVE, he created Adam and EVE. Homosexualtiy is a disordered deviation from the plan of God.  Plain and simple, no apologies.

  • Stutmann9

    “The Truth will set you free.”  Those who suffer from SSA CAN be set free from it.
    The teaching of the Church, ie..the same as the teaching of Jesus Christ, which is the truth, will set them free.  But they need to know the truth, be called to it charitably, and they will be set free. 

    “..and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32.

    Galtians 5:13,”You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge
    the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.”

  • noelfitz


    thank you for a sincere and honest post.

    Psychiatry is a study without clear criteria, and diagnoses are often open to dispute.

    I cannot see how John 13:34 is a new commandment as Lev 19:18 commands “you shall love your neighbor as yourself”.

    However it is clear that followers of Christ should aim to follow the command of Jesus “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.”. Thus any homophobic, judgmental or critical view about another person is unacceptable, whether that person has a disorder, of any kind, or not.

    There is a distinction between acknowledging buggery as evil and judging an individual as wrong, immoral or sinful.

  • Dancingpianist3000

    I’m 15, and this is just wrong, we need traditional marriage back

  • Mark McLauchlan

    Dear Harold, my partner and I have been happily together for several years (gay male couple). You can use statistics to skew any argument, but if you took the trouble to get to know people out in the real world, you might find that life is richer, more varied, and more interesting than the iron age mentality you find in your favourite book. Best Regards, Mark

  • Bigdaddyross4

    Jesus taught tolerance…. this is the most intolerant point of view. There are NO QUOTES directly from Jesus on homosexuals either.