It Hurts Good!

Isaiah 5:21
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!

Garrison Keillor has described certain people as “Fifty dollar haircuts riding around on 88 cent heads.”  Our culture is extremely good at image.  It is also extremely good at looking at image.  It is also extremely good at concluding from looking at image that our cleverness equals wisdom.  It is also good at demanding that everybody else agree with that assessment lest somebody’s self-esteem suffer.  This is a formula for disaster and we are living proof of it as we create a culture which simultaneously gets dumber and yet “feels better” about itself everyday.  Today, allow the Holy Spirit to show you where you aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are.  It’s a bit of a stinging sensation at first, but then you start to realize that reality is so much more fun than the culturally-approved, TV-induced hypnosis of being “wise in your own eyes.”

Mark Shea


Mark P. Shea is a Catholic author, blogger, and speaker.

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