How Far Would You Go?

In our Gospel today, we are told of four men who went out of their way to bring a paralytic man to Jesus. Because they could not carry the man into the house, they opened the roof and lowered the man who needed some healing. They were convinced that Jesus would heal this man, and they made sure that the man would face Jesus. This is proof of their faith in Jesus’ power, and their perseverance in bringing this man to Him.

If we found ourselves in a similar situation, how far would we go to ensure that Jesus would hear our petition? What roofs will we open up to bring forth our petition to Jesus’ person? How sure are we that we would get what we asked for?

Although God gives freely, we have a share of work when we seek God’s grace in our lives. One necessary step is to get ourselves ready to receive the grace we seek by opening up ourselves to this gift. And so, opening up ourselves to God—much like opening up the roof in our Gospel today—may entail broadening our view of our situation and to try to see things the way God does. With our imagination, we can try to understand our situation much like God understands it. With faith and perseverance, we may see God granting us the grace we seek. This grace may not be in the same form as we had originally envisioned. After all, what is harder, to forgive sins or make a paralytic walk?