Today’s focus is on the family. The genealogy of Jesus may not sound exciting but its significance should make us truly happy. Jesus entered into a human family with a long history, and a family that was by no means perfect at all. Christ’s ancestry included characters who were marked by sin.

Charity begins at home. Charity means love; not the alms that you throw into a beggar’s a cup or bowl. Love can, of course, express itself in gifts, especially during this joyous season. Real Christmas gifts spring from deep within. The best gifts are certainly those of the heart. Therefore, when we think of our friends and loved ones, perhaps we should remember that while an expensive gift may be very welcome, thoughtfulness, tenderness and charity, will be more welcome still.

  • Thomas Lynch

    We have to make time in our family lives for prayer together such as the Rosary each member saying a decade for the family who pray together stay together