e3mil Contributors Speak Out Against Media Bias

by Bill Fancher and Robin Burchfield

(AgapePress) – Media critic Brent Bozell went on the attack against the entertainment industry at a leadership conference on media bias held in the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington.

According to the man who runs the watchdog Media Research Center, the entertainment media is threatening our society’s stability.

“Hollywood’s power is awesome,” Bozell says. “On the cultural front, the influence entertainment television has is profound, especially with impressionable youngsters.”

Bozell says our children are being molded like clay by the entertainment industry.

“More than half the children in this country watch at least two hours of television every day. For 28%, it’s six hours or more,” he says. “For comparative purposes, consider that the average amount of quality time spent between parents and their children on a daily basis is 15 minutes. By the time the average youngster has graduated from high school, he will have spent more time in front of a television set than in front of a teacher.”

Bozell says it is no wonder children's values are messed up. He says since we own the public airwaves, we should demand changes. Bozell made his comments while speaking to a gathering for the Regent University Summit on Media Bias.

Talk show host and e3mil columnist Michael Medved addressed the conferees as well, and stated that the entertainment industry is loaded with products that show almost exclusively, one side of the issues — the liberal side.

“Movies are as old as Hollywood. They’ve always been around,” Medved says. “But what is so striking today is the difficulty that you would have if you wanted to find even one film that could arguably send a message from a conservative perspective.”

According to Medved, it is impossible to find a single product from Hollywood that carries a conservative slant. He says they do not exist and probably will not, unless there is “some sort of revival in Tinseltown.”

Medved condemns Hollywood for the left-wing messages that permeate its products. “The political bias, the cultural bias, the spiritual bias, the anti-religious bias in film after film is absolutely extraordinary,” he says.

Medved believes the instant gratification of the entertainment industry is tailor-made for the liberal slant, and Hollywood proves it daily.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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