Does the Stupid Party Have to be This Stupid

John Stuart Mill famously called the English conservatives of his day “necessarily the stupidest party.”

Now, I know that a lot of people would take exception, and some would take umbrage, at the notion that John McCain (current “standard bearer”) and the current Republican administration (and/or party leadership) represent anything like conservatism, regardless of how stupid they have been. But relatively speaking, in comparison with the other national party, and according to their own claims, they are the conservative party and true to form, they seem hell-bent on making sure they don’t challenge the “stupid” appellation.

I don’t really understand this, because I know a lot of conservatives and almost all the conservatives I know are smart. In fact I know a number of conservatives who, were you to engage them for a while in conversation or read their writings, would bring readily to mind such adjectives as “brilliant,” “inspiring,” and “witty.” Since I am about to run into trouble here, let me just get it right out of the way: I know that sheer intellectual prowess does not make a person “good.” I also know that there are a lot of very intelligent people on the other side: “progressives,” they like to call themselves. Simply witness to whom on the national scene the aforementioned adjectives have been so freely applied of late.

So let’s assume for a minute that progressives are just as well-distributed at the right side of the intelligence bell curve as conservatives and vice-versa. With that in mind, I ask you: Why did they get Bill and Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama, while conservatives ended up with George Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin? Why is it that with all the terrific conservative writers and speakers in this county, conservatives cannot seem to field a single national figure since Reagan who could string together a coherent, sustained argument for conservative principles? Or forget a coherent, sustained argument. I’d settle for single coherent sentence.

During the Republican convention it seemed like Sarah Palin might be able to do so. She seemed to have some wittiness about her. Take for example: “You know what a small town mayor is? That’s a community organizer with real responsibilities.” That was a great line. It was memorable and it skewered Obama. It was also 7 weeks ago. During the Civil Forum with Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, John McCain seemed able. Remember how he spit out, “At conception” before Warren had even finished asking “When does human life begin?” That was 9 weeks ago.

Since then we have been treated to an embarrassing parade of missed opportunities to articulate clearly the actual resonance that exists between the majority view of the American people and the Republican platform. And while on economic issues this is a travesty, on “social” issues it is a calamity.

On economic issues, most Americans are not socialists. When Bill Clinton was running for president, he asked one fellow what he could do for him, and the man answered, “Leave me alone.” He didn’t say, “Pick some money out of my neighbor’s pocket for me and put it in mine.” Most Americans wouldn’t say that — if for no other reason than the knowledge that between the neighbor’s pocket and their own, half-a-dozen Washington suit pockets would be lined.

So how do you get Americans to agree that government larceny is really to their benefit? That a confiscatory tax rate is desirable? Because these are the things Obama is proposing. You tell folks that only people making over a quarter million a year get higher taxes and that you are going to raise taxes on corporations. You promise to sock it to big businesses and “the rich.”  

How did McCain respond? By getting into a tit for tat over and over again about how many small business owners would or would not be making over $250,000 dollars a year until our eyes were glazing over hearing Obama yet again swearing that “95% of Americans would get a tax break” under his plan. Obama must have mesmerized McCain with his drumbeat repetition to the point where McCain could not remember that over 30% of Americans do not pay any income tax at all. Changes in the tax code during the Bush administration  significantly increased the fraction of Americans with zero or negative tax liability from the approximately 1/4 it was under Clinton to over 1/3. CNN yesterday put it at 40%. (Negative tax liability means that when you file your taxes the government ends up owing you more than what you paid.)

Imagine how the debates would have gone if, when Obama started his 95% mantra, McCain had answered, “Senator Obama is having a bad math day. You can’t give 95% of Americans a tax break when 30% of them don’t pay any income taxes.” Or imagine if McCain had said, “Corporations don’t pay taxes, Senator Obama. A corporation only has three basic accounting categories. It has costs, income, and either profit or loss. If its income exceeds its costs, it makes a profit. If its costs exceed its income, it has a loss. And guess what category taxes go under? They go under costs. And you know what happens to corporate costs? They get passed on to consumers. So-called “corporate taxes” are paid by consumers. So what you are proposing is not really a tax break, Senator Obama; what you are proposing is to raise the costs of everything that people buy from American companies both here and abroad. Not only will you make American companies less competitive globally, you plan to hide your real tax increase on all Americans under the increased cost of all their goods and services while pretending to decrease their taxes. We already went through this experience of spiraling inflation under Democrat Jimmy Carter and we have no desire to repeat it. Thank you very much, anyway.”

In a game of “here, put on this blindfold while I punch you,” Obama kept repeating the accusation that the financial meltdown was due to “failed Bush economic policies.” Every time McCain would start to look like he might answer to defend the record, Obama would parry with, “Americans don’t want politicians assigning blame. After all, there’s enough to go around for everyone. What Americans want are solutions.” McCain might as well have walked on stage in the debates with a roll of duct tape and told Obama to please gag him whenever he wanted to. The Republicans should have put up a single website with an impossible-to-forget name that McCain should have repeated every chance he got. And they should have put up the abundant video evidence — it is all over YouTube — that lays the housing bubble problem right at the feet of failed Democrat social policies.

Not only are Americans in general in favor of less government and less taxes, Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of traditional marriage and against unlimited abortion license. Now the Democrats got the message so strongly on marriage, that they have rejected “gay marriage” as a plank in their platform. Please note that it doesn’t mean there is any real philosophical problem at all among party leaders with “gay marriage,” just that it is not considered politically prudent to own up to it in this campaign. The radical homosexual agenda would advance full-steam ahead under an Obama presidency; make no mistake about that.

Vote/ProtestAs with economic issues, the Republican nominees have completely failed clearly to connect their platform with the real feelings of Americans about abortion and they fail to answer the repeated lies that come from the other side. Take the final debate. It was already unconscionable that McCain had let two debates go by without speaking to this issue, regardless of the format. You either find the slaughter of 4000 American babies a day worthy of the riveted attention of the country or you don’t. But if you were going to wait until the last debate to finally open your mouth in defense of the unborn, certainly the weeks that had gone by were enough time to prepare something striking to say. Certainly we have heard ad nauseam the rhetoric of the pro-aborts and there weren’t going to be any big surprises. Certainly by now McCain and his team of advisors and writers have had time to come up with some memorable rejoinders.

Imagine if, when Barack Obama said that he would support laws restricting abortion as long they had an exception for the health of the mother, John McCain had said: “Get your facts straight, Senator. No operation to save a mother’s life was ever illegal. Doctors were always free to do anything necessary to protect the health of the mother, even if their actions indirectly took the life of the unborn infant. That was true before Roe v. Wade and it is true now and it would be true after Roe v. Wade is rightly overturned. Abortion is about the direct and intentional killing of babies. It is not health care.”

Imagine if, when Obama said that “no one is really pro-abortion,” McCain had said, “The American people are certainly not for unlimited abortion — abortion at any time, for any reason — that is the so called “right” that you and your party defend. Americans have repeatedly voted to restrict abortion and you and your party have used judicial tyranny to overturn the will of the people in this matter time and again. And you have promised Planned Parenthood that you and your Democrat cohorts in congress will make it the first priority of your administration to undo every single restriction on abortion that has been voted into law across this county, whether it be parental notification, not allowing tax dollars to be used for abortion, waiting periods, informed consent laws, conscience clauses allowing doctors the right not to participate in abortions, and restrictions on using foreign aid to promote forced abortions in other countries. That’s the promise you made but that you are trying to keep secret from the American people, Senator.” McCain called Obama a “pro-abortion politician,” but he did not explain why that was true. 

Imagine if, when Barack Obama had said that he believed in “privacy” and that a woman and her doctor and her family should make the abortion decision, McCain had said: “Privacy is fine when you are making a decision that does not involve another human being. Why don’t we let families get with their accountant and privately decide if owning a slave would be in their financial best interests? It is because the person they are thinking of owning as a slave has a right to his own life and freedom. The privacy argument does not hold water, Senator, because the baby that they are ‘privately’ deciding to kill is a human person with his own right to life. And it was as unjust for the Supreme Court of this country ever to deny the protection of the law to the lives of slaves, as it is unjust of the Supreme Court to deny the protection of law to lives of the unborn. Every innocent person, born or unborn, deserves the protection of the law.”

What McCain did instead was hold up his own pro-life voting record and personal experience with adoption, already well-known to the pro-lifers supporting him. So that was his “choice,” but what he did not do is argue from the first principles of justice and fundamentally that is what the abortion issue is about. By the end of the third debate he was joking mockingly about how “eloquent” Obama was and warning voters that his substance didn’t match his rhetoric. Whether true or not, McCain would have better served the cause of life, not to mention his own campaign, by displaying some eloquence from the pro-life side. There was no excuse for it to be missing at this late date. The unborn and the country deserved better.

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  • Lucky Mom of 7

    Amen, Mary. Where else do we have to turn? I’m fasting and praying. I’m also going to make calls for the McCain campaign tomorrow. God save us.

    Anybody else who wants to make calls to undecided voters can go to and sign up. It’s easy. They give you a script and everything.


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  • James

    I suppose it’s too late for Ron Paul to replace our current candidate. He was an intelligent, true conservative who would have excited the base and brought over dems and independents. Besides, as an OB doctor, he had delivered over 4,000 babies.

  • Arkanabar Ilarsadin

    Yes, it is too late to get Ron Paul. However, Republican strategists WILL notice if the number of Republican voters doesn’t match the number of Republican votes. And it is in voting third-party or write-in that voters have a very strong chance of affecting the future of the Republican party.

  • stutmann9

    If I recall in the part of the debate they were discussing abortion, the moderator cut Sen. McCain off and switched the direction to education because of time considerations. No doubt, he could have done more, but with the time allotted, could he really? We all want to put the words we would have wanted America to know into the mouths of the candidates we support, but it is what it is. I agree that making phone calls for John McCain is what will make the difference, and I think that if we give John McCain these ideas that are outline in this article to talk about in his rallies from now until Election Day, perhaps he might just run with them. Let’s put our prayers into action and pray for John McCain and Sarah Palin. See below for a call to a Rosary Novena:
    print out and make copies of this statement and put them in your churches!

  • SharG

    Hi Arkanabar,

    By voting for third-party or write-in candidates, we not only have the chance to affect the Republican party. We have a chance to affect the future of our entire country, for many years to come, under the leadership of Barack Obama and the Democrats – and it’s not going to be a pretty sight. Abortion will be enshrined as a completely unregulated procedure, here and abroad. Extreme liberal judges will be appointed at every level. Their decisions will affect your children’s education and the future of every one of us. It won’t matter what the voters say at the booth expressing their support of, for instance, traditional marriage. The laws will be written and enforced by those judges. Vote away, if you want to, for your third-party candidate, but you might as well vote for Obama.

    This is a great article, but I’m getting tired of hearing Republicans called dumb. What, exactly, is smart about the Democrats? Oxford-educated Clinton? Are you going to tell me he’s intelligent? Then why did he throw the fuel on the fire that caused the meltdown in the financial industry? Because he’s so smart? Or because he’s too stupid to know a bad economic policy when he sees it? What examples in Bill Clinton’s personal or public life show any degree of real intelligence? Have you ever read one of Obama’s “hope” statements? I saw a 2009 calendar that featured quotes from him, and I thought, my gosh, every statement here is stupid! None of them means anything! But the media call Bush stupid, and we hear it often enough that we say, ok, you’re right, the pro-life party is the stupid party.

    But I partially understand. The “stupid” ones in the Republican party are the national leaders and campaign strategists who are clueless about how to win the votes of the American people. They could win BIG if they would make the arguments that Mary is making here. Most Americans would realize that they love what the Republican party is supposed to stand for. Why they aren’t doing that, I don’t know, although I suspect that it is because powerful members of the Republican leadership really do not share our values. I will also say that there are excellent Republican representatives and others in public service who are trying to do a good job promoting conservative values, but you aren’t going to hear about them in the MSM. The fact that the media make them invisible doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    I know it is hard to vote for a party that can’t get its act together, but the alternative is so bad, and the damaging effect of that alternative will last for so many years, that it would be a terrible mistake to help them get into office.

  • Ken Donajkowski

    Brilliant analysis of Republican failure to capitalize on its strength.

  • gk

    Who cares about either party! I vote for pro-life and pro-family every time. Do I care if liberals or conservatives win? Heck no. Give me pro-life and family … I do not care how intelligent one seems. I actually am glad John McCain doesn’t go on explaining how right GWB is or was. He should distance himself as much as possible from the guy. Pro-life needs to win, not GWB’s record. This is 10 days from November.

  • elkabrikir


    let’s just get your article posted around the web. McCain’s best allies are his surrogates.

    Ditto to SharG.

    I have not figured out how to negate the significant brainwashing impact of the media. For instance, McCain says, “I’m not going to talk about this negative article about Cindy McCain or do a ‘tit-for-tat’ against Obama. The American people want solutions….” The media reports and carries Obama surrogates who state emphatically, “The McCain campaign has no ideas, no plans. Just smears.” Over and over and over again McCain sets forth a policy and the rejoinder is, “He has no plans. Just negativity.” Final answer.

    Vis a vis abortion. To most Americans, it is just a word. They don’t read the Lifesite news articles about babies allowed to gasp to death and then put on a roof to fry (Florida case). The best way to communicate the truth and magnitude of the horror that is abortion, is to start showing the American people that abortion is more than a concept. It is a dead baby. Pictures of decapitated infants, blackened babies, mothers who nearly died. These images and stories need to be prominently displayed, in my opinion. Write your local newspaper and include the lifesite articles found on CE. (at least one editorial staff member will read it and one is better than none.)

    We’re exposed to all sorts of images that form our consciences and consciousness. Despite what is claimed, babies are not a blob of tissue and people need to see that from a young age. A D&C abortion means a baby is chopped up and the parts must be reassembled by the “nursing” staff in order to ensure that the abortion was complete. Most people have no clue how gruesome abortion is even in the first trimester.

    The face of abortion is hacked in half. Choose your side, if you dare.

    That’s effective communication reminiscent of the sculpture welcoming you to Dachau.

  • Warren Jewell

    Then again, what ‘party’ has ever had ‘strength? Jeffersonian Republicans-now-Democrats and Adamsian Federalists-now-? have been politically semi-repugnant from the get-go. It has not been difficult for me to see any and all parties as ‘stupid’, and hardly at all competent to run garbage collection, let alone a nation.

    We are witnessing that we may get an occasional Reagan – but, only as he is/was, a more or less ‘independent’ agent stuck in a party – and only too dreadfully occasionally. Extending from Nixon-first-time to now, from LBJ to now – what have the parties in command-and-control brought to our common table? Reagan was as much an anomaly as an all-star.

    O, yea, my Lord, it is glorious and gratifying relief to be Catholic and have another table at which to dine with a REAL King, a real Leader, a true Master. As Saint John finally pleaded: “Come, Lord Jesus”.

    I have written before about our ignorance – another took it as a put-down of the human voting element, when it is rather more how we have been treated in ‘education’ and our media. [The mushroom growing method? ‘Keep them in the dark and feed them . . .”] I had strong education compared to my daughter, and even more contrasted with that her children receive. Homeschooling to me is less ‘option’ than ‘last-viable-recourse’ for most folks in most communities. And, even in this analysis, in thinking back, I reflect that my instructors were not really noticeably better than the political leadership then and now. In Catholic academy, I heard little or nothing of Augustine, Aquinas, Meister Eckhart, the Early Fathers and the grand Doctors, Maritain – or, even the Psalms and Proverbs, Song of Songs, Isaiah and the majors and minors, Mary, Peter, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James and – well – that’s a Catholic education? Can I say, for example, that there is more to Mary than repeated ‘Aves’?

    We can debate or discuss or bab-b-b-ble among ourselves until we pass out for lack of air. We sound like Abbott and Costello going ‘Who’s-on-First’ so over and over again. We simply (prayerfully!) have to educate our minds and hearts, and do our duty to vote as best as we can. In essence, better the vote – that one voice – for Obama than not to vote, at all.

    No matter who else is ‘stupid’ and how we are left as ignorant as ‘they’ can leave us, Jesus Christ obligates us to make it Paradise where we are and just do the very best we can. And – who knows? – maybe in some White House bath the Queen Mother may appear to Michelle, and cause the lady to armhole Barack and say “DEAR! We HAVE to talk . . .” It’s worth many prayers . . .

    Go hug a baby – good start.

  • Warren Jewell

    BY-THE-WAY –

    In our so very ‘minority’ community, my daughter and I have been pleasantly surprised – quite amazed – at the balance between Obama lawn signs and McCain signs. More than heartening, it is eye-opening – this election is going to be as close as any.

    And, hugging that baby, gather all your babies and teach them that “No matter who is elected President this November – in four years we get another November, and we can elect a new and totally different person.” Hope MUST spring eternal that He Who is of eternity reign.

  • prairiehawk

    John McCain is facing a demagogue and it seems that sadly, he isn’t up to the challenge. I once predicted in this space that McCain-Palin would ride a wave of pro-life support into the Oval Office. I still fervently hope and pray that this will be the case. But I’m now preparing for the worst: a pro-abortion president who will overturn every gain this country has made against abortion since 1973, and enshrine abortion on demand as a “right” for decades to come.

    What will become of our beloved country? Abortion, contraception, and fornication are sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. How much patience can we expect God to have with us? Is this election our last chance to put pro-lifers in office who will really make a difference? If they don’t win, what then? I believe we should pray for the life of our nation.


    This article correctly identifies many of the mistakes and miscalculations that the McCain side has made in the campaign. Yes, these mistakes have been terrible, but I also feel that the Obama side has made mistakes as well, and this is a big BUT the mainstream media has ignored Obama’s missteps and loaded up big time on McCain-Palin. As much as McCain should be raising many of the issues pointed out in the artcile, I ask where is the media. Why has the media not asked BHO about the math on his 95% tax cut? Why is the main stream media not investigating BHO’s connection to ACORN even know when the FBI is investigating that organization? Yes, MCCain and his party have been stupid in many areas, but eh playing filed has not been level. Aside from McCain the biggest losers in this year’s election are “We the People” as we have witnessed the final end to any sense of impartiality in the mass media. They cannot be trusted at all.

    One last note and this ties into the end of a fair media- I have concluded that our entire political system is absolutely corrupted and on life support at this time. This may also be why we view the conservatives as stupid in this election. The system itself is brocken and infected and similar to your computer when this happens it is very difficult to fix. The artcile again correctly identifies that most Americans regardless of political affiliation don’t want the government in our pockets spreading the wealth; they don’t agree with same sex marriage and most also don;t agree with abortion on demand. Yet, in a system that is supposed to be government “of, for and by the people” this sentinments and aspirations are not just ignored, they are opposed by the very people we have put in place. this my friends, is corruption at it’s highest level. I’m not sure how this gets resolved, but I do know that are brilliant forefathers predicted thsi one day woudl happen because of the nature of man. I think they have left us the blue print to fix it and it’s called, “The Declaration of Independence”. I suggest that if you have not done so lately (or at all) read it and ponder the words, “all me are created equal and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights and that among these are the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

  • heinz

    Since Reagan, it seems to me that the Republican party has been slipping more and more to the left. I wander who will be the next GOP candidate if McCain gets in? Guilliani, Hillary or perhaps worse? Perhaps an Obama presidency will straighten out the Republican party, if there is ever a free election again after it.

    Many people have been complaining about there not being a “viable” third party. I think the reason why there is not is because people are afraid to vote for them. I’m surprised that many are not more willing to go and invest their votes in third party candidates (maybe they will this year), especially since it seems that both Republican and Democrats are running left out of control.


  • madhattertea

    I am starting to think that the leaders of the republican party are really democratic moles. What else can explain their ‘cluelessness’ of what republicans want?


  • Mary Kochan

    I’m sorry, but as biased as the MSM have been, no one in the MSM was responsible for McCain’s debate performances. That was all MCCain and his advisors.


    As correct as you may be about his debate performance moderately by MSM journalists (one who has a book coming out about the ascedency of BHO), deebates in general do not greatly impact voter choice. Most have made their choice and I still insist that the efforts of the MSM in this election cycle border on criminal and are a real threat to our Republic. Do you realzie that already the supersized Dem controlled Congress that is predicted along with BHO are going to resurrect the “Fairness doctrine”? What will that do to conservative and Christian based media outlets -those like Catholic Exchange?

  • Mary Kochan

    I disagree that debates do not influence voter choice. Maybe not among people who are part of the base of each candidate, but a lot of pople are not and wait to see the debates. People became more comfortable with Obama because of his debate performance. Besides it was McCain’s main opportunity to make his case, seeing as how he has so much less money to run ads. I am not giving him an inch on this. He failed to speak up for the unborn. And you know why? Because he and party leaders do not understand that this issue can be a winning one for them. That is their stupidity. No excuse.

  • Warren Jewell

    Only Parliamentary governance – with its own headaches – supports more than two parties, in the main. And, I frankly think as I have noted that, for one example of many, Ron Paul has more in common with Barack Obama than with you and me. Politics seems to make political folks crazy; allies in stupidity. Paul would just have ‘his’ way to make our lives ‘better’. Hence, then – three(-plus) stupid turkeys not at all like you and me?

    B.O. has been made ‘smarter’ not only in MSM camouflage, but outright mendacity that is breath-taking. He raely has the same story twice about his prior alliances and associates: various radical leftists, ACORN, his prior congregation and pastor, NARAL poster boy, etc. In our ignorance, he says ‘HOPE!’ and ‘CHANGE!’ and we join in the stupidiy by not insisting on being told just what he means; and then taking any answer that he does give, and then changes for another audience (a common politiucal ‘stump’ method), and swallowing it ‘whole-cloth’, so to speak.

    S-I-G-H – I have noted elsewhere that little about this election bodes well, no matter the personalities elected. Across a dozen Presidential election campaigns, I have never seen worse choices. lpioch may have it as right as we can make it – go local and vote for, e.g., the viably pro-life-culture city-council candidate, and hope he or she can work up the ladder without getting compromised into and by all the stupidity.

  • yblegen

    Mary, your answers to the questions are what we all wish McCain would have said. But he didn’t. We are all frustrated that more is not discussed about the life issues. To be honest, all I can think about when I see an Obama sign in front of someone’s house is how they support abortion and my heart is sad. That is all that his presidency means to me… abortion on demand, paid for by your local government with no strings attached and you don’t even have to notify the parents when a young frightened girl walks into the death chamber.

    My friends and I are praying the rosary beseeching Our Mother to come to the aid of her children, particularly and specifically, the unborn.

  • elkabrikir

    We know that God always has a plan.

    We all know the term “rock bottom”.

    Many a sinner, including St Paul, has risen from the depths of sin with God’s grace and the support of Barnabas (one who encourages).

    Many an alcoholic has drowned in a bottle of vodka, before climbing out of the pool of despair with God’s mercy and with much encouragement.

    Abortionists like Bernard Nathanson hit the mental, physical, and soul-full breakdown while filming himself aborting his own child. With God’s grace and the support of prolife Christians he is a repentant sinner and vociferous Catholic (where’s his voice today, by the way?)

    Perhaps the Declaration and Constitution must be in shreds before our fellow countrymen bother to decipher the tattered words and respond energetically. Maybe these election cycles are God’s way of bringing us low in order to be reborn stronger and even more committed to the experiment called the United States of America. If you’ll recall, Exile and destruction were the only language the Israelites could understand…….

    Let’s look to Ninevah and pray and fast as many of you say and do. Listen to the Spirit when it calls you to step outside your comfort zone, like Jonah. Be a “Barnabas person” to somebody, even a person of influence, and support them in their journey into fullness of life.

  • jmtfh

    MARY–PLEASE CONTACT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY/McCAIN CAMPAIGN ASAP! They desparately need you as their primary speech writer–debate coach!!!

  • SanGabriel

    Sadly, voter choice is being made by the mainstream media, not by the debates. The Media has had Obama as the “winner” since he started running! It’s sickening. To them, it doesn’t matter what he says or does, he is always the “clear winner” over McCain in thier eyes. The American media is chosing our President, filling uneducated American heads with stupidity, and lies ( and not only to Americans, but the whole world).
    Yes, thank God we have the right to vote in America, but are Americans educated enough to know who they are voting for?? Apparently not….and this is the scariest issue of all! They are attracted to Obama because of the media coverage on him.
    I believe we just have uneducated Americans who do not know what each Presidential candidate stands for and they do not bother themselves to find out, know the issues and take a stand on them! November 4th will be a scary day! And yes like someone posted here, it will only be for 4 years and we can vote again, but a lot can happen in that 4 years….that is frightening.

    Thank you stutmann9 for the link to the rosary novena! The video clip there speaks volumes!

  • Mary Kochan

    Ok and it is Mill, not Mills. The freepers caught it. Now it is fixed.

  • noelfitz


    You wrote:
    “Since I am about to run into trouble here”.

    I know the feeling and I sympathize.

    When I was in the States years ago I used to watch on TV William Buckley, who recently died.

    He was a conservative and loyal Catholic who could argue cogently, entertainingly and convincingly.

    May the Lord have mercy on him.

    Regards to all.



    I agree with you San Gabriel 100% that even a outstanding performance by MCcain in the deabtes would not make a big difference because the MSM has already annointed BHO. For Pete’s sake all you have to do is look at the Dem Primnary. HRC beat BHO in many of the debates, but MSM was against her. Whether people want to admit it or not the MSM is the CAUSE of this election. mcCain has not helped himself, but the outcome would still be the same. the system is corrupt and a huge change is needed.

  • Peter M. Calabrese

    It would be surrendering to vote for the third party candidates. It is nbot over yet. We can still pull this out. How about voting for third party candidates in local and state elections in stead. OR at least let’s wait until the mid-terms – if we lose – to punish the party elite. Too many babies should not be punished in order to punish a political party.

    Get out the vote!

  • heinz

    Maybe we should form a Catholic Exchange Party, nominate a presidential candidate for 2012, and start campaigning next year. Perhaps we can finally have a solid candidate who is willing to stand up for all the Church teaches.

  • Mary Kochan

    Well, that would kill our tax exempt status.

  • Grace Harman

    This is like Germany before Hitler was elected. He inspired the people with the promise of a “Super Race” (based on the killing of those who were “screened out” as unwanted or defective. Obama promises socialized “Health Care” including the government funding of millions of abortions. This “free” healthcare will cause rationing, caps, and finally euthanasia, and massive tax increases besides. This support of killing of the innocent is shameful and stupid. God will not help us if we elect this vile “choice”.

  • Loretta

    You know, Mary,
    After B.O. made the point about abortion being an issue of “privacy,” I turned to my husband and said,
    “Some day my husband will irritate me. Maybe what he’s saying is that – in the PRIVACY of my own home, between me and my ‘spiritual leader’ – I have the right to do away with the irritant because it affects my health.”

    My husband answered back, “OK…now you’re scaring me.”

    Two can play this game, right?

    Oh…there’s a difference?
    I’m not really seeing it.

  • CherylDickow

    I may have missed it being mentioned but you’ve got to admit that Biden’s stupidity at a fund raiser this weekend was remarkable. Telling everyone that the election of Obama as president will put him (Obama) smack in the middle of an international crisis because of the many people who will want to test him. Stupid and scary.

  • patti

    Great article, Mary. I REALLY wish you or someone would get this to the Republican party heads. I agree with the person who suggested you become their speech writer.