Democratic Party Platform is More than Just Words

The Democratic Party Platform was written and adopted by the delegates to the party’s national convention.  The party puts forth its platform so voters can learn what the organization, and its candidates, believe.  The platform is the Democrats’ direction book — telling everyone what programs, policies, and initiatives the Democrats will be advancing if they are elected.

Among the priorities being set by the Democrats is abortion.  Previous platforms stated that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare”, which seemed to indicate that the party and its candidates believed that while abortion should be available, it was not a desirable option, and should be avoided whenever possible.

Democrat policies did not follow through on that appearance, since Democrat leadership in the U.S. House and Senate consistently opposed any effort to make abortion “rare”.  But even though their actions did not follow their statements, the party’s previous platform reflected an unease with its abortion rights advocacy.  It was as if they were simultaneously stating their belief and apologizing for it.

This year’s platform changes that.  The word “rare” has been eliminated.  The party has embraced the abortion culture without hesitation or apology.  In this year’s Democrat platform, abortion should be safe, legal and fully available to all – period. 

And although there are many Democrats who oppose abortion, there does not seem to be any protest over this continued radicalization of the abortion-rights position of their party.  No Robert Casey has emerged to stand against this change, or to urge the party to re-examine and redefine its position on abortion.

There are those who say that the platform “doesn’t matter”, that it is just words.  They are correct when they say that it is words.  They are wrong when they say it doesn’t matter.

In the final analysis, words matter the most.  It is with words that we convey our deepest thoughts and feelings to another.  It is with words that we pass knowledge and wisdom to our children.  It is with words that we can build, or destroy, the reputation and self-esteem of another.  It is with words that we start revolutions or negotiate peace.  It is with words that we enlighten the mind and lift the soul.

We don’t remember every battle or general of the American Revolution, but we do know the words of the document that declared our independence.  We don’t recognize the war plans of the generals at Gettysburg, but we do know the words that Lincoln spoke to honor those who died there. 

In this case, the words of the Democrat Party Platform reflect the beliefs of the party’s nominees for the highest offices in our land.  Every one of the final candidates who ran for the Presidency in the Democratic Party openly and fully embraced abortion.  The fact is that the platform now openly acknowledges that full acceptance of abortion as a positive outcome of pregnancy.  That acknowledgement is a problem for any Democratic candidate or voter who does not embrace that position.  It’s not a problem because anyone will be told that they cannot run for office or join the party, but it is a problem when those candidates want party support or attempt to seek leadership roles within the party. 

The leadership of today’s Democrat party has used the words of their platform to make its position clear.  This is now a party that not only tolerates abortion, but sees it as a “good”.  The actions that will flow from their words are predictable — abortion will be not just defended, but promoted, in their public policy initiatives.

The real question is how we, as citizens and voters, will respond to the words the Democrat leadership has spoken.  The lives of our smallest children literally depend on our response.

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  • dennisofraleigh

    Most American Catholics don’t get their news from orthodox Catholic websites or theologically sound Catholic blogs. They get their news primarily from the network news outlets (CNN, FOX, ABC, etc.), or their daily paper. Some check the news from the aforementioned’s websites (MSNBC, etc.).

    That said, the average Catholic is just not being informed about the Dem party’s downward slide from reluctant abortion defenders to outright willing abortion defenders. What the MSM tells Catholics is “Oh, look at how closely the Dem platform mirrors those social teachings Catholics hold so dear: improving working conditions for laborers, equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth, better access to healthcare and health insurance for the uninsured, and protection of the environment.”
    Not a word about abortion other than vague references to the Democratic party’s committment to “uphold a woman’s constutitional reporductive rights.” Of course, they don’t even use the word “abortion” if they can help it. And none of this is an accident. The MSM knows that “abortion” is a repugnant word to most Catholics and evangelicals, and the last thing the MSM want to do is detract from their chosen man’s favorable approval ratings. They are determined to do all they can to get B.O. elected POTUS. Anybody who thinks otherwise has his/her head stuck in another space-time continuum.
    And yes, the Church speaks up now and then. But again, unless the MSM reports it completely and accurately (LOL—that’s a good one!) the average Catholic is NOT going hear what the Church wants him to hear, but what the MSM wants them to believe the Church said. Case in point: How much ink did MSM spill reporting the reaction of the Bishops to Rep. Pelosi’s grand faux paux excursion into theological speculation. Almost nome, right? So don’t expect the MSM to take it upon themselves to explain to America’s Catholics and evangelicals that the Democratic Party platform is all about empowering the forces of abortion. Rather watch their dog & pony shows with “mainline” evangelicals like Jim Wallis who will reassure their fellow Christians that its quite alright to vote for a “pro-choice” candidate (like Obama). After all, look at how they are working to advance the Christian causes of feeding the poor, providing health care to the sick, protecting the environment, etc.
    Yes, yes, I can hear the objections from faithful Catholics that the poorest of the poor are the unborn, that failure to protect the most vulnerable among us makes a mockery of any other social justice ideals we may propose. But we’re all preaching to the choir here (for the most part). It’s the somnabulating REST of the voting population of this country that I have in mind. Our radar has abortion as the front-and-center issue. The others? Inflation, unemployment, the war in Iraq, almost anything other than abortion. And the MSM would have it remain that way. The only hope I see is for the Republican candidates to force the hand of MSM and their Dem opponents and rub their noses in the abortion issue at every opportunity.

  • jackster

    The Democratic Party is anti-Catholic and has pushed this issue to the extreme in order to exclude Catholics from active membership.

    Catholics need to wake up to that fact. The US Democratic party has chosen the role of antagonist and enemy of truth.

  • Warren Jewell

    I consider words, and remember a fascinating article that ties childhood memory to language – the use of words. It seems that words are the ‘stuff’ of our ability to hold, embrace and, yes, remember memories. Without words in language, memories are too vague to remember, however much they remain within our memory banks. Words (and the sounds of words from those around us when we were babes) access memories, and more than other sensory faculties, such as scent and sight.

  • Mickey Addison

    The Dems were wrong in 1860 when they went to war with Washington over slavery, and they’re wrong in 2008 when they go to (verbal) war over abortion.

    Why do these guys continually seem to want to set aside entire groups of people as property for others to do with as they please?

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