Columnist: National Media is Major Advocate of Homosexual Lifestyle

by Bill Fancher and Chad Groening

(AgapePress) – Don Feder, award-winning columnist for the Boston Herald, says his profession has been a strong advocate of homosexuality, promoting its acceptance as just another lifestyle.

Feder claims that for decades, the national media has promoted the existence of a “homosexual gene” which causes the behavior the Bible calls “abnormal” and “unnatural” — despite the fact that no scientific proof of such a gene exists. Feder says the media has ignored evidence regarding the true nature of such a “lifestyle.”

“Another seeming refutation of gay genetics is bisexuals. Do they have two sets of genes that they switch back and forth like gears on a bicycle?” Feder asks. “And what about the 20,000 individuals in the ex-gay movement? Did they change their DNA?”

He points out that the search for the “homosexual gene” has never turned up the existence of such a gene, and that the search has been abandoned by the scientific community.

“But now the media have decided that nature versus nurture versus life experiences is really irrelevant,” he says. “In other words … the media spent years uncritically mouthing the movement's pseudo-scientific claptrap; they're proven wrong; and then they decide it really doesn't matter.”

The columnist insists the homosexual movement has found one of its biggest advocates in the national media. He says the media has been, and still is being, manipulated by the homosexual lobby — and he believes that is a major factor in the rise of homosexuals' political power in America.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

HIV Infections Up

Meanwhile, according to a comprehensive analysis by a panel of researchers and AIDS experts, the number of HIV infections among San Francisco's homosexual male population has more than doubled during the past four years. The study indicates the increase is partly due to new anti-viral drugs that keep patients alive longer, making it possible to spread the disease to more people.

Ed Vitagliano is the Director of Research for the American Family Association. He says the fear of death no longer appears to restrain homosexuals from engaging in what the Bible clearly says is a sinful lifestyle.

“What happens is restraints are thrown off and the appetites of the flesh are pursued,” Vitagliano says. “For a few years, the fear of death from AIDS, in general, held these passions in check. But now with the increased availability of drug regimens, none of which cures HIV, the restraints are being tossed off and many experts fear another potential wave of AIDS — and that wave might even unleash a mutated strain of HIV.”

Vitagliano says when a culture removes restraints, there will be consequences.

“Once a culture begins to encourage people to throw off restraints and embrace what the Bible would consider as sexual sin, then they will just continue to spiral into more and more sexual activity, which will bring consequences,” he says. “Whether you call that the wrath of God … is really irrelevant. Sin has consequences, homosexuality is a sin, and homosexuality has physical consequences, HIV being one of them.”

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