Cherie Blair Says Catholic Church Sexist, Credits Personal Success to Contraception

The Church "marginalizes" women and keeps them "virtually invisible" in its public face, says Cherie Blair. Speaking on a BBC television program, the wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair said that "ambivalence" towards women is a "fundamental weakness" of Christianity and of Catholicism in particular.

The controversial remarks were made during the final installment of a documentary, Christianity, that was aired on BBC’s Channel 4 on Sunday night.

During a section of the program that dealt with the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception, Blair credited her use of contraception for her personal success. Blair said that every time she didn’t use contraception, "I seemed to have a baby."

"I’m a feminist…How could I have done all the things I have done if I hadn’t used contraception?" she asked.

Despite being a self-professed devout Catholic, Blair has been an outspoken advocate of artificial contraception, which the Catholic Church teaches is an intrinsic evil. In her recently published autobiography, "Speaking for Myself," Blair infamously admitted that at least one of her children was conceived when she had "forgotten her contraceptive equipment" when on holiday.

During the program Blair also appeared to insinuate that it is only with the ordination of women to the priesthood that the situation of the "invisibility" of women in Christianity could be remedied.

In an interview with Cormac Cardinal Murphy O’Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster and the head of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales, Blair rebuked the cardinal, saying, "If you actually look at the formal structures of the Catholic Church, you don’t see a woman’s face when you see people speaking for the Catholic Church. Can we change that?"

The cardinal responded, "I don’t think that [the Church] will develop towards priesthood or episcopacy [for women] because of the tradition of the Church in that role." But Mrs. Blair objected, saying, "Until the traditional churches fully resolve their relationship with the female half of the population, how can they expect Christianity to have a future in the modern world?"

Blair, a long-time feminist and activist for "progressive" causes, said, "I firmly believe the traditional churches in Western Europe can be saved but there are a number of urgent steps that need to be taken.

"Today, while women remain marginalised, Christianity cannot flourish. Women and men must be equal partners in 21st-century Christianity."

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  • Samwise

    Chirie Blair and her husband Tony have never renouned the stands they have openly taken against the teachings of the Catholic Church, especially regarding abortion and contraception. And yet they are both honored by the Church and Tony Blair was received into the Church despite his radically pro abortion public actions…you would think he was conferring a great blessing on the Church…and his wife speaks at a Catholic University in Rome, flaunting her stands against the Catholic Church and was treated like a hero…a rock star. The one who received Tony Blair into the Church should be brought in for a thorough discussion with the Holy Father…or perhaps that discussion took place with no results. We need to pray and speak out as forcefully and clearly as those who so dishonor the Church…from within and without.

  • kirbys

    “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Poor Cherie, you are missing out on so much, you have no clue. And Lord save us from women dressed up and playing pretend on the altar.

    Pray for our OB/GYNs, that they will see through this darkness and convert their practices to reflect the wise, beautiful teachings of the Church.

    Mom of 7

  • Lucky Mom of 7

    Theology of the Body. It’s the new evangelization.

    I would never go back to using contraception. It was spiritually poisonous and my husband and I both felt it. One doesn’t need to be religious to understand that.

    Poor woman. It seems she limits her self worth to her professional accomplishments. I wonder if she considered how it would make her children feel to read her words. My family just went through a major tragedy. Relationships are really all that matter in life. Everything else passes away.