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Population Research Institute Petition:

The Mexico City Policy says that organizations may not receive U.S. funding if they are going to use that funding to perform or promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.

Recently, the House of Representatives, and the Senate voted to abandon the Mexico City Policy.

Please help us preserve the Mexico City Policy.

Sign the "Petition to Save America's Pro-Life Mexico City Policy" today!

We will deliver your petition to President Bush.

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First Friday ~ October 5th – 2007
For Peace in our Families and World!

This year in honor of the 90th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, Children of the Eucharist the children's program of the World Apostolate of Fatima is sponsoring the

The Fifth Annual: Worldwide Children's Holy Hour

Please see this video invitation from Archbishop Finn for a Worldwide Holy Hour in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. http://www.childrenoftheeucharist.org/


Sign the C-FAM petition urging the United States Senate NOT TO RATIFY the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Go here to sign online.

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Concerned Women for America keeps abreast of national legislative issues. Visit here, www.cwalac.org/getinvolved.shtml, regularly to see what bills are before congress so that you can hold your representatives' and senators' feet to the fire on life issues. You can also click on the menu for your state and find out what state legislation may merit your support or opposition. [Editor's note: CWA is not a Catholic site and their stands on some issues, such as immigration, may not be in accord with Catholic social teaching.]

National Right to Life Committee monitors federal legislation on this webpage: www.capwiz.com/nrlc/issues/bills/ . You can also check the pro-life scorecard of every member of congress.