Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts Take Divergent Paths

by Fred Jackson and Robin Burchfield

(AgapePress) – Despite taking hits from organizations around the country for its firm stand on pro-family policies, the Boy Scouts have received a boost from the L.A. County Sheriff. But the Girl Scouts appear to be taking the path of “political correctness.”

The Pacific Justice Institute says public pressure played a part in convincing the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to continue its relationship with the Boy Scouts Explorers Program. There was speculation last year when the City of Los Angeles ordered its departments to break ties with the Scouts because of the organization's stand against homosexuality, that the County might do the same.

But PJI President Brad Dacus says Sheriff Lee Baca instead decided to renew his commitment to the Explorers Program — thanks, in part, to thousands of people signing their names to a petition backing the Scouts. Dacus says his group will continue to monitor the City of Los Angeles to see how it decides to treat the Boy Scouts, and he hopes the City will follow the County's example.

PC Infects Girl Scouts

One would think the Girl Scouts would be closely aligned with the Boy Scouts in their beliefs and policies. But that does not appear to be the case. According to Kathryn Lopez, Associate Editor of National Review and contributor to, “The leadership of the Girl Scouts is very … liberal, especially when it comes to teaching young girls about sex and letting girls know that they're victims.”

Lopez tells Family News in Focus that while researching a recent article, she found that the organization's national leadership “endorses leftist social activism, promiscuity, and the homosexual agenda.” Girls enter the organization seeking self-confidence and healthy activities, Lopez says, but instead are indoctrinated into “the liberal culture of victimization.”

One Scout mother agrees, saying she found it impossible to express pro-family ideas on abstinence, abortion, and Christianity in general. Shannon Losey also says that while there are good people involved in the organization, the liberal national leadership is tying the hands of more traditional leaders.

“I believe there are a lot of leaders out there trying and that are in the same position that I am, and they're just hitting walls every time they turn around,” Losey told FNIF. “From my perspective … I don't see any Christian beliefs coming out of the Girl Scouts.” For those reasons, Losey and her daughter have left the organization after being involved for the last seven years.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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