“An Aspiration, like prayer in general, is an elevation of the mind to God. But it is an elevation that is impelled by love, composed of only a few words, and directed like a dart to God, that He may know the holy affections and desires of the soul. Like arrows that shoot directly toward their target, these prayers leap, as it were, from the soul directly to God.”

-Fr. Kilian J. Healy, Awakening Your Soul To the Presence of God 


Michael Lichens is the Managing Editor for Catholic Exchange. When he's not revising and editing, he is often found studying and writing about GK Chesterton, Religion and Literature, or random points of local history. He holds an A.M. from the University of Chicago Divinity School and a BA from The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts.

  • Lee

    Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in the Catholic Church is a very intimate time to tell Jesus what you need, what you are grateful for and what your true affections are towards Him.Another time for intimate prayer for me is in the quiet of the night when I can tell Jesus,”I love you”; and I know that I am heard then ,also.A true relationship with God brings great peace to one’s heart and mind.